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Popeyes staff join hands to beat up white girl who threw food at a Popeyes staff employee



THETALK.NG learnt that Popeyes staff join hands to beat up white girl who threw food at a Popeyes staff employee.

In another news, Ms. Clenney has claimed in court through her attorneys that she was acting in self-defense when she stabbed her Nigerian-American boyfriend Christian Obumseli to d£ath on 3 April.

Judge Laura Shearon Cruz denied bail in a written order.

“From the evidence presented during this hearing, the court does not find the defendant’s claim of self-defense on April 3, 2022, credible,” the order was quoted as saying by the New York Post.

The judge further wrote: “There is no dispute that the defendant killed victim in this case.”

“The only factual issue in dispute is whether defendant was acting in self-defense and whether this claim rendered the state’s evidence doubtful. Clearly, defendant and victim had a sadly volatile relationship.”

Currently facing second-degree murder charges, Courtney Clenney, who wore pink handcuffs during the day’s proceedings – was seen crying in the courtroom as the judge read the ruling.

Earlier Ms. Clenney told investigators that Obumseli pushed and threw her to the floor during a violent confrontation, and she then grabbed a knife and threw it at him from 10ft (3m) away.

The medical examiner said Obumseli’s wound could not have been caused by a knife thrown from that distance.

Ms. Clenney’s attorney, Larry Prieto, has said that additional evidence will provide a more holistic and less one-sided picture of their relationship.

Ms. Clenney, who was known as Courtney Tailor on OnlyFans, was arrested in Hawaii in August and extradited to Florida.

Her father Kim Clenney, testified at the bail hearing last month he believed his daughter was the victim of abuse and that he stood by her.

A court in Miami has previously heard that Ms Clenney earned more than $3m since 2020 from her OnlyFans accounts, according to Fox News.

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