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“Please give me this boy”: Video of Cute Chubby Baby Steals Attention Online, Video Goes Viral



  • A charming and chubby baby boy sitting on a bed captivated the online community with his undeniable cuteness
  • Dressed adorably, he received an outpouring of admiration in the comment section, with many expressing their eagerness to have a baby cute like him
  • The sight of this adorable baby brought joy and wonder to the internet space, leaving everyone delighted and filled with warmth

A captivating moment unfolded when a charming and chubby baby boy named @babydacord on TikToK was spotted sitting on a bed, exuding undeniable cuteness.

Dressed adorably, he captured the hearts of onlookers, who were mesmerised by his irresistible charm.

Cute chubby kidChubby baby steals attention with cuteness. Photo Source: TikTok/@babydacordSource: TikTok

The comment section quickly filled with an outpouring of admiration for the little one’s beauty.

Among the many comments, one stood out, as a viewer expressed their excitement, saying, “Menh, I can’t wait to get pregnant to see how my baby will look like.”

This comment revealed the viewer’s eagerness and anticipation to experience the joy of motherhood and witness the unique features of their own future child.

The baby’s irresistible appeal evoked a sense of wonder and warmth, creating a delightful and heartwarming atmosphere in the online community.

Social media reactions to the cute chubby boy’s story.

@besntome said:

“Menh, I can’t wait to get pregnant to see how my baby looks, ♥️♥️♥️fine baby.”

@lizzyedward_ commented:

“I want a baby already But then again I never make am for life‍♀️‍♀️

@countydiarysultry siad:

“WOW, see the nice boy from birth so adorable .”

@ugochukwuukwuoma noted:

“Beautiful I claim and welcome you into my home in Jesus’ mighty name AMEN .”


” please give me this boy. I love him adorable .”


“My crush I will wait for him, woo.”

@user5840413031380 said:

“He is so handsome but please note the ring so he doesn’t play with it and swallow it ,the “

@iamcindyslimzy said:

“Omo ..who go carry ubby u will walk by yah self.”

Watch video:

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