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PF Must Appreciate The Restoration Of The Rule Of Law Under President HH



Percy Chanda




There is nothing wrong in PF celebrating the ruling by the High Court to stay the by elections in Kabushi and Kwacha constituencies. However, what is worrying is the double standards and hypocrisy by the PF leadership. When the same High Court nullified both seats PF were where all over condemning President HH and his New Dawn Administration. But suddenly after the Court stayed the by elections PF became champions of the rule of Law and good Governance.

It was impossible under PF for the opposition to win any case involving election petition. PF knows too well what they did to the UPND Presidential petition. PF camped at the Court grounds to intimidate the Judges that were hearing the Presidential petition. UPND never did that when the petition for Kabushi and Kwacha were before the Courts. PF must learn to appreciate the restoration of rule of law under President HH. It’s this kind of double standards and hypocrisy that Zambians condemn in PF.

PF is full of hypocrites who one hand are very happy and busy celebrating the decision by the Court to stay the by elections in Kabushi and Kwacha constituencies. While on the other hand the same PF is very bitter and very uncooperative to go to Court and explain how all of a sudden they have become so rich and how innocent people lost their lives. This kind of double standards by PF is only synonymous to dishonest people in our society. We challenge the PF leadership to celebrate in the event that some members are sent to Prison for corruption and other atrocities.

What PF must know is that the judicial system is a double edged sword that can cut you from any of its two edges. The wheels of Justice turn very slowly but surely in the end justice is delivered. But since PF is blinded by hypocrisy and double standards they cannot appreciate anything from the new Dawn Government. But as most of them face the Law over their corruption cases and other atrocities, they should not cry the loudest in the event that some are found wanting. They should just celebrate and they don’t need any Police permit.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter

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