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“Pay my money”: Man who donated kidney to boss’s brother for $20m cries out



"Pay my money": Man who donated kidney to boss's brother for $20m cries out
  • A Nigerian driver has accused his boss, Akazue, of deceiving him into donating one of his kidneys to his younger brother, Osinachi
  • The heartbroken man claimed that his boss promised him $20 million, a house in America, and a driving job in exchange for the donation
  • However, after undergoing the transplant, Nwoko alleged that Akazue failed to fulfil his promises, leaving him in a difficult situation

A Nigerian man, Eric Chimobi Nwoko, has shared how his boss, Akuzie, approached him about his brother’s ailing health and urgent need for a kidney transplant.

Akazue, who instructed Nwoko to keep the matter confidential, enticed him with promises of a substantial financial reward and a better life in America if he agreed to donate his kidney.

Man who donated kidney to boss's brother for 20 million dollars cries out over scamMan who donated kidney to boss’s brother cries out
Photo credit: @lindaikejisblog/Instagram.Source: Instagram

He promised to give him $20 million, a fine house in America, and a well-paying driving job in America.

Believing in the sincerity of his boss whom he had been working for, Nwoko agreed to undergo the transplant.

Nwoko in tears after donating kidney to boss’ brother

However, following the successful kidney transplant at a prominent hospital in Lagos State on December 22, 2018, Nwoko claims that his boss reneged on his promises.

Instead of fulfilling his commitments, Akazue moved Nwoko into a cramped one-room apartment in Mowe.

Despite still recovering from the surgery, Nwoko alleged that his boss ordered him to return to work just one week after being discharged from the hospital.

The promised financial assistance and career opportunities never materialized, leaving Nwoko feeling abandoned and betrayed.

With his health deteriorating and no sign of the promised rewards, Nwoko confided in his parents about his situation in October 2023.

In his words;

“I was employed as a driver for Mr Akazue in November 2018. His brother, Osinachi, had a kidney issue, so when my boss travelled, I was driving his brother to the hospital for dialysis every three days.

“When my boss returned, he called me into his office and told me that his brother’s kidney had failed and that in the next one or two weeks, his brother may die. He asked if I would like to donate one of my kidneys for his brother and said if I donated the kidney, he would give me $20m, a house in America, and will also get me a driving job in America.

“I said I would do it and the next day, we went to the hospital where they ran tests and told me my kidney would match his. The next day, Akazue’s brothers, another of his in-laws, one Mr Joe, and I went back to the hospital, we stayed three days after which the surgery was done.

“All the promises my boss made me, he didn’t fulfil them. Whenever I asked my boss about it, he’d tell me not to worry, that I was still in his mind. On October 13, 2023, 1 realised what had happened and told my parents about what I was going through.”

Reactions as man calls out boss for deceiving into undergoing kidney transplant

@ego_oyiiboo commented:

“You sell kidney on credit?”

@1demmyblaze said:

“20 million dollars bawo, if we offer Doctor that money self Dr go donate him own kidney give am.”

@olaniyanoflagos reacted:

“You wan sell kidney you no bring your lawyer along. Later una go talk say school na scam.”

@Irishpresh reacted:

“Life of a poor man, 20 million dolls and you believed? Coupled with a house and a job in America? No agreement was signed. They can easily deny this because it seems you have no witness because you didn’t consult even your family member. Imagine dealing with a selfish rich man in a country like Nigeria where justice is not guaranteed. Wait he rubbed something on your head, are you implying he took your senses away?”

@_callmekenzy said:

“People are so mean. I don’t know what’s causing some of you to be laughing. This is pure w!ckedness.”

@sylviaogechi commented:

“Whatever he applied on his hands while he prayed for him did the whole thing. Because there’s no way he would have donated his kidney without informing anyone in his family. Some people can be really mean.”

@mramazing_03 said:

“$20m? How much is kidney in black market?That was enough to tell you it was a scam.”

Watch the video below:

Man puts up his kidney for sale

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that desperation has been said to force people into doing weird and unusual things, this is the case of a man who was caught in traffic selling a part of his body.

The frustrated man hit a busy road to advertise his kidney which he had put up for sale at an undisclosed price. The unidentified man in a disturbing short video shared on Instagram by @naijaloadedotng stood at a corner of a road that had a traffic jam.

Dressed in black and with dark shades, he held a piece of cardboard that read ‘fresh kidney for sell.’ The incident reportedly happened in Lagos. THETALK.NG could not ascertain what must have driven the man into such action as of the time of making this report.


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