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Parents notice little girl’s funny accent as she calls “Dad” for the first time



Parents notice little girl's funny accent as she calls "Dad" for the first time
  • A heartwarming video of a baby girl saying “Daddy” as her first word has gone viral on social media
  • The adorable clip shows the little girl playing in the living room when she suddenly starts to call out for her father with excitement
  • She seems to think that her dad is behind the camera and wants him to join her in the fun

A video of a baby girl uttering “Daddy” as her first word has melted the hearts of thousands of viewers online.

The sweet footage shows the little girl happily playing in the living room. She faces one direction and starts to call out for her dad with joy and enthusiasm as if she wants him to come and play with her.

Photo of the little girlThe little girl has a funny distinct accent. Photo credit: TikTok/@tecgrams2Source: TikTok

She repeats the word “Daddy” several times, showing her love and affection for her father.

The video is a beautiful snapshot of the baby girl’s first words and her strong connection with her dad.

Watch the video:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Karina reacted:

“My daughter had peppa pig accent for a whole year!”

Jessica Nicole said:

“She fasho watches Bluey or Peppa Pig.”

Avela wrote:

“Definetly bluey.”

Alexis Smith770 commented:

“Peppa pig or Bluey my daughter do the same thing.”


“How are people calling this a bluey accent haha.”


“It’s bluey fosho.”

Thando jele:

“It’s peppa pig. I’m sure of it. My nephew is South African with a British accent because of her.”

Ling ling:

“That has to be BLUEY.”


“My Jamaican child had a British accent due to Peppa Pig so maybe that’s where. lol!”


“Been watching too much peppa pig she sounds so proper and posh so cute.”


“Peppa pig is responsible for this.”


“Daddy you better answer before she calls yoU bruv.”

Little girl imitates her mum, breastfeeds baby mannequin

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that Social media users are reacting to a video of a little girl who sat with all seriousness to feed her baby mannequin.

In the Instagram video shared by @fabricblogger, the girl was seen sitting on a sofa like a mother and slanting her baby mannequin vertically to give her br!east.

In the video, the girl apparently had seen her mother acting in the same way and wanted to imitate the same on her by breastfeeding the mannequin.


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