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Parents lay hands & pray passionately for daughter doing forex in touching video



Parents lay hands & pray passionately for daughter doing forex in touching video
  • A viral video of a couple praying passionately for their daughter, who is a forex trader, has generated buzz online
  • With their eyes closed, the parents laid their hands on her head as they committed her occupation to the creator’s care
  • While many people criticised her parents’ action saying it has no effect on the market, others hailed the couple

A female forex trader, identified as Esther Mofrey, has generated reactions on social media after she shared a video of her parents praying for her

Esther captioned the video seen on TikTok thus, ”My Parents praying for me in our last day October class.”

Esther Mofrey, forex trader, parents prayEsther’s parents prayed for her.
Photo Credit: @esthermofreySource: TikTok

In the clip, the lady seemed to be taking another forex class when her parents came around and began to pray for her.

Esther had her head bowed as the couple laid their hands on her in passionate prayer. Esther kept replying to their declarations with ‘amen’.

The couple also extended prayers to her forex students. Some people tackled Esther, saying her parents’ prayers can not affect the forex market.

Watch the video below:

The video stirred mixed reactions

dylanpretorius said:

“Not all parents are this supportive. but this is beautiful and different type of motivation knowing your parents are behind through the journey.”

Machembajr said:

“Hey even if you hit loss, just know you Have God and your parents are beside you. Keep going.”

Greatmans FX said:

“I love how you always put God in all you do. God’ll continue to bless you and increase your income.”

j.kimanthi said:

“It’s okay to pray for the journey, but I want you to understand that money from the financial market requires an emotionless mindset. Best of luck.”

xtriger said:

“This is forex no matter what you do the moment you put buy or sell. You have a 50% chance to win or lose it is that simple.”

lilsavage said:

“That doesn’t mean that you won’t take loses ? Gold will humble you well.”

user8271949505815 said:

“Let them pray day and nite but their prayers wil not infuence direction of the market.”

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