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“Our New Wifey, Your Home is Blessed”: Nigerian Lady Dazzles the Floor With Amazing Drumming Skills



"Our New Wifey, Your Home is Blessed": Nigerian Lady Dazzles the Floor With Amazing Drumming Skills
  • A Nigerian woman’s amazing drumming skills captivate audience at a ceremony has warmed hearts
  • The woman, who was dressed elegantly along with other women, showed her passion and joy for drumming as she delivered a vigorous performance
  • Her drumming attracted many people who came to appreciate her talent with money

A captivating video of a Nigerian woman’s drumming skills at a ceremony has gone viral and melted many hearts.

The woman, who was clad in a beautiful traditional attire along with other women, displayed her passion and joy for drumming as she gave a stunning performance.

Photo of lady drummerLady was sprayed with money. Photo credit: TikTok/@facefield_muaSource: TikTok

She played the drum with such skill and energy that it created a lively atmosphere at the event.

Her drumming drew the attention of many people who came to admire her talent and shower her with money. The video of her drumming has been widely shared and praised on social media.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

ToJustMe reacted:

“Me just dey without any talent iru aye Wo mowa wa bayii.”

lamslimz22 said:

“Me watching this as at 6:20am,,and shamelessly shaking on my beds.”


“The lady singing is another vibe entirely. This Bride isn’t here for child’s play ooo.”


“Bride with the sauce.”

Iampurityoo1 commented:

“As a guest I would empty my pocket.”


“If you watch dis more than 5 times gather here abeg.”


“I be Ayan and I don’t know how to drum this is amazingGod bless you ori mi n wuss.”

Bank y25:

“Our new wifey. Your home is blessed.”


“Evd..Can we see the groom reaction pls.”


“My dad is oni lu his name is Ayandokun Ayandeji he dey drum shege and all my family can drum except me.”


“Me wey be boy no sabi drum andl am shamelessly shaking on my bed dancing to it congratulations sis and more success ahead.”

Breaking the barrier of shyness: Young female drummer’s passion and persistence

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier featured a 100-level student of Mass Communication at Glorious Vision University, Edo State.

She is a talented and passionate drummer who has been playing the drums since she was in primary school.

Oluwagbemisola recalled the moment that sparked her interest in drumming. She started practicing on her own, learning from online tutorials and watching other drummers perform.


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