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“One Minute Shopping Goes Wrong”: Nigerian Man Packs Plenty Goods After Spending 60 in Supermarket



"One Minute Shopping Goes Wrong": Nigerian Man Packs Plenty Goods After Spending 60 in Supermarket
  • A man who was asked to spend only 60 seconds in a supermarket left everyone surprised because of his speed
  • The man ran around the supermarket with the speed of light, picking many expensive items for himself
  • The video got a lot of comments from social media users, some of whom said the man prepared for the event beforehand

A man who participated in a one-minute shopping game left everyone surprised because of his unmatched speed.

Within 60 seconds, the man dashed around a big supermarket and took so many expensive goods for himself.

Man's one minute shopping spree trends on social media.The man got a lot of valuable items during the free shopping. Photo credit: TikTok/@sheffman01.Source: TikTok

The man picked things in large quantities, making sure he filled many shopping carts. Each time he fills a cart, he rushes and grabs another empty one.

He carried big bags of rice and bottles of what looked like vegetable oil. It got to a point where he had to be forcefully stopped by someone who appeared to be the organiser of the shopping spree when his time was up.

Meanwhile, multiple reactions trailed the video after it was posted on TikTok by @sheffman01.

Those who reacted to the video said if the man was given more time, he would have successfully emptied the store. Other people who participated in the shopping spree also concentrated on food items.

Watch the video below:

Social media users react to man’s shopping skills

@investorlajosh said:

“If they give this man 5mint he for empty the store.”

@Mr. Orion commented:

“Na first and last time them go do this.”

@Treny_Joe said:

“This guy used to work in a truck supplying cement.”

@Michael lavish commented:

“I go tell am say na prank.”

@mannaz16 said:

“This man wan open shop.”

@Teemahstitchesandmore said:

“The highest rank of greediness.”


“If this man put this energy into his hustle, he will be very rich.”

@Sabelo M Dlamini commented:

“I bet the manager was already regretting this.”

@BIG STEPPER reacted:

“Smart guy, hunger na your mate?”

Lady goes shopping in USA

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG reported that a Nigerian lady crossed the Canadian-US border into the United States of America and went in search of cheap items to buy.

The lady, Adeola Adeowo, claimed that things such as groceries were generally cheaper in the US than in Canada.

During the brief shopping, Adeola bought groceries and noted that they would have cost up to $500 if she had shopped in Canada.


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