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Note sealed in a bottle found after 135 years — Check what is written on it



Note sealed in a bottle found after 135 years — Check what is written on it

A signed paper put in a bottle 135 years ago has recently been found in the same place it was left The paper which was found under a floorboard was penned by two contractors who worked on the floorboard at that time Both workers described themselves in the paper as the workers that worked on where the paper was found

A paper put in a sealed whisky bottle signed by two workers was recently found under the floorboard of a house in Edinburg 135 years later.

The discovery was made on Monday by a plumber, Peter Allan, in the same spot where it was left while cutting a hole in the floorboards.

“The room is 10ft by 15ft and I have cut exactly around the bottle without knowing it was there. I can’t quite believe it,” he said.

I was moving a radiator and cut a random hole to find pipework and there it was, I don’t know what happened.

I took it to the woman downstairs and said ‘Look what I’ve found under your floor,” he said.

The content of the note

According to a BBC news report, the paper was signed and dated by two male workers: James Ritchie and John Grieve, back on October 6, 1887.

In the note, both men indicated that they were the ones who worked on the floorboards at that time and that they didn’t drink the drink contained in the whiskey bottle.

The note read:

“James Ritchie and John Grieve laid this floor, but they did not drink the whisky. October 6th 1887.

The apartment owner reacted to the discovery

The owner of the house, Eilidh Stimpson, was elated to have found the note. She said she had to forcefully break the whiskey bottle to read the letter’s content.

Since the discovery, she has been recommended by Scotland’s National Library to make a preservation of the note.