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Nigerian school dropout turns mum’s akara business into ‘billion dollar’ brand



Nigerian school dropout turns mum's akara business into 'billion dollar' brand
  • A Nigerian youth has celebrated the progress recorded since taking over his mother’s akara business of over 25 years
  • He recalled how he quit school in 2020 due to financial constraints to focus on rebranding the akara business
  • Dubbing the business a billion dollar brand, the young man shared how he infused chicken and other kinds of protein into the regular akara to stand out

A Nigerian youth, Prince Francis with alias Akaraboy, has narrated how he took over his mother’s akara (bean cakes) business and turned it into a ‘billion dollar’ brand.

Francis, in a post on Facebook, shared pictures showcasing the journey so far as he told his inspiring story.

Prince Francis, akara business, Port HarcourtPrince Francis rebranded his mother’s akara business.
Photo Credit: Hrh Prince FrancisSource: Facebook

Francis said they are not there yet

While the akara business is not even worth millions of naira yet, the positive young man has already dubbed it a billion dollar brand.

According to him, his mother had been in the business for over 25 years when he took over it in 2020.

Francis dropped out of school

The young man recalled how he quit school due in 2020 to financial constraints and decided to focus on packaging and rebranding his mum’s business situated in Port Harcourt.

Being a creative person, Francis said he had no choice but to do something meaningful with his life and this informed his decision to join her in the business. In his words:

“I remember in 2020 when I left school due to the financial challenge I faced, I came home and told my mother I had to quit school and focus on the dream of rebranding the Akara business with her, because I was left with no choice but to do something with my life.

“I’ve been a creative person from time.”

How Francis branded the local business

With his mother’s blessings, the Akwa Ibom indigene revealed he rebranded and infused proteins into the regular akara.

“I started a journey of rebranding and packaging my mother’s existing Akara business into a global brand by infusing proteins (chicken, goat meat, prawn, fish, sausage and suya spice) into the regular Akara,” he wrote.

He appreciated his mum for believing in him and people for the support, maintaining that they won’t stop until they get to the ‘promised land.’

Netizens praised Prince Francis

David Maureen Nnenna said:

“Your mum’s akara have been saving life since 19…

“Well,it’s saved mine in 2019.

“Thanks to her and her care for my daughter in 2019,I stayed behind the shop.

“God bless her .”

Godwin Ameh said:

“I really want to know how to make akara with those proteinacious food listed above… Congrats and more grace to carry on.”

Favour Alozie said:

“I love the branding, I love your creativity and the way you thought outside the box, I just love everything..

“Congratulations, you are already propelled to greatness…”

Christy Julius said:

“Abeg where in this pH this akara joint dey, I want go look for am buy . location pls.”

Faith Brown said:

“I wish some kid can take their mothers hustle serious like this instead of galavanting the street . Congratulations to you.”

Peace Anselem said:

“More graces sir God wil continue to announce you to the world I’m rely inspired by this congratulations.”

Chigbo Chinenye said:

“I have tasted the Akara and it was so nice.


Graduate turns akara seller due to unemployment

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a Nigerian graduate had begun selling akara after searching for a job with no success.

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin, the man said that being the firstborn of seven children, he knew he had to make ends meet the hard way to look after his siblings.

He revealed that he could never be discouraged from what he is doing, saying that he learned how to cook at home. With a voice laced with strong determination, the man said that he one day hopes to stop using firewood and switch to gas as soon as he gets funds.


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