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Nigerian mum abandons her 2 kids and runs away, video of the kids melts hearts



Nigerian mum abandons her 2 kids and runs away, video of the kids melts hearts
  • A video of two kids who were abandoned by their mother has sparked mixed reactions on social media
  • The two kids, aged seven and three, lived by themselves for days after their mum left them on the guise that she was travelling
  • Neigbhours who spoke said the kids go for days without bathing and relied on people for food, with one of them falling ill

Two young boys have attracted public sympathy after their mum abandoned them and fled the small room where they live in.

Popular content creator, Lucky Udu, visited the kids in Ogun state and created awareness about their sitatuon.

Nigerian mum, two kids, abandonedThe kids lived all by themselves for days.
Photo Credit:Lucky UduSource: Facebook

Lucky gathered from neighbours that the kids’ mum, whose name is unknown, should be in her early 20s and left them three months ago.

The neighbours spoke about how the woman showed little or no care to the kids when she was present. They said they have been caring for the kids days after they could not find their mum.

According to one of the neighbours, the kids seemed to have different fathers but nothing was said about the whereabouts of their dads.

Fortunately for the kids, Lucky was able to get them to an orphanage and they were enrolled in school. However, help is still needed to sustain the kids who are aged seven and three.

Netizens react to Lucky Udu’s video of the abandoned kids

X3mly Unique Ann said:

“Omo things dey happen oh. When I think of my situation I keep thanking God, because a lot of persons will see my situation as luxury.”

Just Cynthia said:

“People are paying heavily just to make sure they have at least a child, but this one abandoned her own that she didn’t stress to get.

“This life no balance o.”

Edith Id said:

“Believe the police at your peril, they are never truthful. ‍♀️

“Thank you Mr Udu for the humanitarian services you render. God bless you.”

Jo-Margaret Ugochi said:

“What’s the father of these children doing? Who is their father?

“I think the Mother of these children may not be safe where she is….if she was abandoning these children, she would left them with their father. So …where is their father???”

Ebi Slim King said:

“Lucky Udu I strongly believe that you will be a leader, when I mean a leader I mean Governor, senator, counselor And president. So I want you to work on it, now. I pray may you see this comment and work according to spirit.”

Five kids found living in uncompleted building

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a Nigerian lady had found five kids living in an uncompleted building.

The kind lady stated that she found the kids when she saw the youngest one shivering on the bare floor in the cold. She said they survived on garri all day.

In another video, she escorted them to where they had been sleeping in an uncompleted building. She gathered foodstuffs and gave them. A third clip of them she shared showed the kids looking better from the care she gave them.


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