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Nigerian man shows the one bedroom he was living with wife before wealth



Nigerian man shows the one bedroom he was living with wife before wealth
  • A Nigerian man’s inspiring journey from poverty to wealth has touched many hearts online
  • He shared a video of his humble one-bedroom house where he lived in 2006 and compared it to his current luxurious mansion
  • He credited his success to his hard work, self-belief, and his wife’s support while also motivating others who are still struggling to never give up on their dreams

The remarkable story of a Nigerian man who rose from rags to riches has gone viral online.

He posted a video on his social media account, showing the contrast between his modest one-bedroom house where he lived in 2006, and his lavish mansion and cars where he lives now.

Photo of man and wifeMan said he started hustling since 2006. Photo credit: TikTok/@user8138861567Source: TikTok

He revealed how he achieved his success through his dedication, perseverance, self-confidence, and his wife’s constant support and encouragement.

He also offered some wisdom and inspiration to others facing challenges and difficulties, urging them to never give up on their aspirations.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Aroyehunayotunde reacted:

“It is not matter of hustle is the grace of the God, some people hustle past you my brother.”

Festusadetokunbo said:

“Can you please help renovate the building.”

BlessedAnn001 wrote:

“In 2006 this must be a very good and neat huz no be like this e Dey den.”

Patriciagrant810 commented:

“Madam respect ur husband cos e nor easy.”


“Everyone has history except those born with golden Spoon.”

Blaze up:

“Many guys started this way na Normal thing.”


“With AC my brother you no hustle, come ask me the meaning of hustle, with one room of6 face me | face you,in all God bless all of us.”


“Tell us how you rose for others to be inspired.”


“Bros, show some respect I senior you for this game. if yoU see the place i do bachelor 1998 & get married @ Somolu, you will shout hallelujah.”

Young man shares transformation video of grass to grace

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a young man has shared how he changed his life after spending so many years on the street selling fan milk yogurt.

The Nigerian boy who shared a clip of his struggling moments when he had to hustle on the street to eat also displayed he had gone past those days.

In one of the clips, he was sitting in a well decorated parlor with a large television which indicated that he now has a place of his own.


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