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Nigerian Lady Spots Funny Spelling Mistakes in Restaurant Menu, Captures Video and Posts on TikTok



Nigerian Lady Spots Funny Spelling Mistakes in Restaurant Menu, Captures Video and Posts on TikTok
  • A Nigerian lady and her friend visited a restaurant to eat, but they opened the menu and found many spelling errors
  • The lady showed the menu, indicating that many food names and descriptions were misspelt in hilarious ways
  • For instance, spaghetti was spelt as ‘supagetin’ and assorted pepper soup was written as ‘assaulted pepper soup’

A Nigerian lady who went to have a good time at a restaurant saw hilarious mistakes in the menu.

In a viral video she posted on Tiktok, the lady @maryloise916 took time to read the spelling mistakes in a way that got people laughing.

Lady shows spelling mistakes in restaurant menu.There are many spelling mistakes in the restaurant menu. Photo credit: TikTok/@maryloise916.Source: TikTok

She was at the restaurant with her friend, and they all had a good laugh and fun while flipping through the menu.

Many food names were misspelt or written funnily. Each page of the glossy menu appeared to have a misspelt food name.

For instance, assorted pepper soup was written as ‘assaulted pepper soup’. Also, instead of spaghetti, the food menu carried ‘supagetin’.

Also, fried rice is written as ‘French rice’, and macaroni is written as ‘macromie.’ The restaurant spelt shrimps and ‘shrims’ on the menu.

The lady and her friend said they may not order food at the restaurant because of the spelling errors.

Watch the video below:

TikTok users react to video of funny restaurant menu

@Comfy said:

“The meat was probably beaten to death.”

@Ese Of The Good Life commented:

“Who assault the peppersoup na.”

@Kelechi Chibundu said:

“The people wey print am sef. Why dem no correct am na?”

@Fashionstyles commented:

“You pronounce am abi you nor pronounce am?”

@CeeCee said:

“French fried and assaulted.”

@Adel commented:

“Dem don show shege to our pepper soup.”

@T€XÄ$__ said:

“Omo he meant to say they assaulted the meat while it was alive. Justice for the meat.”

Nigerians recall the popularity of Mr Bigg’s restaurant

In a related story, THETALK.NG reported that Nigerians on Twitter were asking what happened to Mr Bigg’s restaurant.

Many people observed that the food merchant was no longer as popular as it was.

Some recalled how they used to eat or work at Mr. Bigg’s when it was popular.


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