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Nigerian lady builds 2-bedroom house for girl who lived in mud home with grandma



Nigerian lady builds 2-bedroom house for girl who lived in mud home with grandma
  • Thanks to the Bonnicare Foundation led by Ideba Edu Ele, a young girl and her brothers have a nice place to call their home
  • The kindhearted lady replaced the girl’s grandma’s mud house with a fine two-bedroom apartment
  • Ideba told THETALK.NG that she didn’t believe they could pull it off as it took three months for the house to be completed

Ideba Edu Ele, a Cross Rivers social activist, has built a two-bedroom house for a seven-year-old girl named Blessed Kelly Arong who lived in a mud house with her grandmother and twin brothers, identified as Vodina Eleke Agbong and Evalsam Eleke Agbong.

Ideba was able to pull it off in three months through her humanitarian non-governmental organisation, Bonnicare Foundation and thanks to support from donors.

Ideba Edu Ele, 2-bedroom house, Blessed Kelly ArongIdeba Edu Ele built the house through her foundation and money received from donors.
Photo Credit: @EduEle5Source: Twitter

How Ideba learnt about Blessed’s pitiable condition

Speaking with THETALK.NG, Ideba said she first came across Blessed in a school where her mother teaches. In her words:

“I visited their school, Presbyterian Primary School, Ebor, Igbo Imabana Community. I went to pay the fees of some of some of the children we sponsor there.

“My Mum is a Teacher in that school too so when I went to her class to see her, that was when I noticed Blessed waving flies from her head. My Mum now briefed me on her condition and I started my enquires from there.”

In a thread on X, Ideba revealed Blessed suffered from dermatitis – a skin condition that caused her head to ooze pus which attracted flies hovering all around her head.

Ideba embarked on a fundraising for Blessed

Ideba said she quickly embarked on fundraising to raise money to fix the skin condition on Blessed’s head. In the course of learning more about the girl, Ideba learnt she lived in a mud house with her grandma and two twin brothers.

They had no available parents in their lives and could barely complete two square meals a day.

“Moved by Blessed’s plight, my organization Bonnicare Foundation extended a helping hand by immediately taking her to the General Hospital through donated funds where she had access to top-notch medical treatment plan that significantly improved her condition.”

Ideba said she doubted she could pull it off

The construction of the two-bedroom house, getting medicare care for Blessed and other expenses amounted to around N3 million. However, Ideba said she felt she couldn’t pull it off.

“I didn’t believe I could pull it off.

“I was finally at peace that Blessed had a clean environment to live in and that her family benefitted from the attention her story brought in.”

Ideba also put measures in place to prevent land grabbers from taking the property. She explained:

“With numerous cases of land and house grabbing, we thought it wise to protect the children from anyone who would make any attempt to throw them out or claim the property in the future.

“We are beyond grateful to announce that Basic Rights Law Partners, an arm of Basic Rights Counsel Initiative, Calabar handled all legal proceedings and documentation pro bono (free of charge).

“The apartment now permanently belongs to Blessed Kelly Arong and her twin brothers Vodina Eleke Agbong and Evalsam Eleke Agbong for life.”

She called for more support for her orgaisation’s cause.

“How You Can Help:

“Donate: Your contributions will directly impact more projects like “Project Blessed” allowing the foundation to extend its reach to more families in distress.

“To Donate;

“Account Details.


“Union Bank.

“Bonnicare Foundation.

“We receive donations of the following items.

“1. School materials (School Bags, Sandals, Books, Writing Materials, Calculators, Mathset and other learning materials.

“2. Foodstuffs, Clothing etc.

“You can also visit our website to learn more on the work we do and how you can partner, collaborate and volunteer with our organization.”

Check out Ideba’s tweet below:

People commend Ideba Edu Ele

@princeke50 said:

“For all you do, God will continue to bless you, protect you and provide for you, Amen.

“But remember that reward for a job well done is MORE WORK.

“Jisike Nne!!”

@UtitoUdo said:

“This is how it should be: finding a way to do good even when the task ahead looks insurmountable.

“God bless you real good!”

@Heinzoflagos said:

“You are such an impeccable human being. God bless you real good for bringing smiles to the faces of the less privileged in society.”

@_ndianabasi said:

“You’ve done exceptionally well. God bless you.”

@LayoSneh said:

“God bless you now and always.”

@OlusesanDavid said:

“May God reward all your acts of kindness and selfless service. May he give you the grace to do more. Well done.”

Lady builds house for widow who lived in mud house

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a lady had built a three-bedroom house for a widow.

The kind lady,, who runs a humanitarian foundation called the Nma Millionaire Heart, shared on Facebook that she had accosted the lady in a dilapidated old mud house with her little kids somewhere in Imo state.

The philanthropist explained that the fully furnished house has two big water tanks, is fortified with protectors as well as tiles covering almost everywhere in the apartment.


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