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Nigerian bride introduces her friends with top professions & high paying jobs



Nigerian bride introduces her friends with top professions & high paying jobs
  • A viral video has captured the moment a Nigerian bride introduced her gorgeous bridesmaids who also have impressive careers
  • The video shows the ladies smiling and saying their names, followed by their professions such as IT officer, nurse, and engineer.
  • The bride, who is equally beautiful and accomplished, revealed that she works as a nurse.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows a Nigerian bride and her stunning bridesmaids who are not only gorgeous, but also have high-paying jobs.

The video, which was shared on social media, features the ladies introducing themselves one by one, as they flaunt their smiles and outfits.

Photo of Enajite EsegineBride and friends introduce themselves. Photo credit: TikTok/@enajite.esegineSource: TikTok

They also reveal their professions, which range from IT officer to nurse to engineer. The bride, who is the last to speak, shares that she is a nurse, and have double certifications.

The video has attracted thousands of views and comments from people who were impressed by the bride and her bridesmaids’ achievements and friendship.

Many wondered how they met and how they managed to balance their careers and personal lives.

The video is a testament to the power and beauty of Nigerian women who are making waves in different fields.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Natasha Joseph reacted:

“Principal cloud engineer she’s eating good don’t sleep on tech.”

BrittanyChyrlie said:

“One thing bout them Nigerians, they gone have beauty and brains.”

Rayraye873 wrote:

“It developer got no love but still is very dope.”

VSlovesblackppl commented:

“I know the vacations are littyyyy.”


“The “It Developer” is dope too Put some respect on her title!”


“IT developers matter too.”


“Psychologist! I’m proud of her. Not always tech and nursing.”

Black_ diamonora:

“That’s why i always appreciate Nigerian women.”

Charrisha Bradden:

“I’m crying looking at this no like fr, literally having the hardest time in nursing school but this is my motivation.”


“Where do y’all stay?…because we need to be friends.”

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