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“Nice one”: Nigerian dad shocked after seeing kid’s career choice in school book



"Nice one": Nigerian dad shocked after seeing kid's career choice in school book
  • A Nigerian father posted a photo of his daughter’s graduation brochure to show the public what the young girl wants to become
  • In the space where she was required to write about her future career ambitions, the girl wrote that she would like to be a Ninja
  • The girl’s father, Obinna Udenwe, was surprised after he flipped the school brochure and saw his daughter’s career prospects

A Nigerian girl has shocked his father by saying she would like to become a Ninja in the future.

The little girl made the statement in her nursery three graduation brochure, which has been shared on Facebook by her father.

A Nigerian dad said his daughter wants to be a Ninja.The girl wrote the career choice in her school’s graduation brochure. Photo credit: Facebook/Obinna Udenwe.Source: Facebook

Nigerian author Obinna Udenwe said he flipped through his daughter’s school graduation magazine only to find that she would like to be a Ninja in the future.

While other children seen in the magazine chose careers such as nursing and medicine, the little girl took a different path.

Her father said on Facebook:

“I found my daughter’s nursery 3 graduation brochure. Big woman wants to be a Ninja.”

According to the Collin Dictionary, a Ninja is a ninjutsu martial artist. The dictionary says:

“A Ninja is a person skilled in ninjutsu, a Japanese martial art characterized by stealthy movement and camouflage.”

Facebook users react to girl’s career choice

Yves Xavier said”

“Tomorrow you’d see that “Great Dike-Ukpai” studying “Guidance and counselling.”

Udenwe Ifunanya Michaella commented:

“She knows aunty Ifu will need a bodyguard very soon.”

@Comr Nworji Brethren reacted:

“Something is striking here just like in real life. You want to be a nurse or doctor but your hobby is dancing. This generation.”

Onyedikachi Nnanna said:

“Above all, she is my birthday mate. Best wishes to her.”

Ngozipaschaline Francboye commented:

“Professional Ninja with a doctorate.”

Vincent Nnamdi Ovuoba reacted:

“Superhero things.”

Mother shows her children her school results

In a related story, THETALK.NG reported that a Nigerian mother showed her children all her school results, beginning from secondary school to the university level.

This happened after her son brought home his Basic Education Certificate Examination result, which was good.

The mother, Nancy White, said she showed her children her school results as proof she was brilliant and that it is a tradition in the family.


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