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“N60k to Collect List”: Nigerian Lady Shares How Her Cousin Was Charged N1.5m as Bride Prize in Imo



"N60k to Collect List": Nigerian Lady Shares How Her Cousin Was Charged N1.5m as Bride Prize in Imo
  • A lady said her cousin was made to pay N60,000 to collect a list when he went to get married in Imo state
  • The lady said the family insisted that their daughter is educated, which makes her more valuable than others
  • The man, who is said to be a trained surgeon, was also asked to pay N1.5 million as the bride price for his wife

A Nigerian man paid N60,000 to collect the list of requirements needed by his in-laws when he went to get married.

A lady who says the man is her cousin made a post on Twitter and said the man’s wife is from Imo state.

Imo family demands N1.5 million as bride price for their daughter.The family also asked the many to pay N60,000 for the bride price list. Photo credit: Getty Images/Jupiterimages and Bloomberg. Photos are used for illustration only.Source: Getty Images

According to the lady named @ChokolateGravy, the man was asked to pay the bride price of N1.5 million.

Imo family demands N1.5 million as bride price

The lady noted that his cousin is a trained surgeon, but that was not taken into account.

She wrote:

“Today, My cousin paid 1.5 million as bride price and 60k to collect the list plus the things on the list. Girl’s family said it’s N1.5 million because she’s a “graduate.” My cousin is a Medical Doctor/ Surgeon, but oh well! It doesn’t matter to them.”

The bride price charged by the family got many people talking in the comment section.

See the tweet below:

Reactions as man is asked to pay N1.5 million as bride price

@Baba_Shawn_II said:

“He married an imo babe ba?”

@Austeiin said:

“Let me guess, she’s from Imo state.”

@ovieDgenius commented:

“In this economy where are you guys seeing 1.5 million?”

@mr_efreedom said:

“Is the girls father alive? Is the girls brothers alive? Is the girl alive? And they allowed it? This is not good for the girl long term. He’s going to remind her later that he ‘bought’ her and paid in full.”

@ladyUjuu_ asked:

“And the girl stood there, watched her people collect such amount from her husband-to-be?”

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After the kissing session, the man lifted his face, and the brownish makeup was spotted on him.

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