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“My Trust Issue:” Wife Works As Cleaner, Pays Hubby’s School Fees in Canada, He Becomes Bank Manager



“My Trust Issue:” Wife Works As Cleaner, Pays Hubby’s School Fees in Canada, He Becomes Bank Manager
  • A Nigerian man has celebrated his wife for supporting him in Canada at a time when he really needed to go to school
  • The man stated that the woman used her salary as a cleaner to pay his school fees abroad and he later became a bank manager
  • Many TikTokers who reacted to his video said his side demonstrated the perfect virtue of a good partner

A man has shared a video to praise the many sacrifices his wife made in his life to see that he succeeded.

The man said that her wife had to become a cleaner to send him to school in Canada so that he could have better opportunities.

After the man graduated, got a job, and became a bank manager, he sent the woman to school abroad to repay her kindness.

The man’s clip had photos of them together as a lovely couple. People said that the man was a good person as such an act of kindness would have been repaid badly in some other cases.

Watch his video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Adelina Jemima said:

“Don’t try this at home guys!”

Kui said:

“My trust issues can’t but ain’t this beautiful.”

QueenB said:

“This is risky business, I am proud of her.”

she said:

“A lot of women are like your wife, very noble, but God bless the few husband who remember to reciprocate back the act of kindness. congrats to you bot.”

knaa_pholey said:

“God bless you for appreciating her.”

Olyvia Jazzmyne said:

“He said his wife!! when u are married and building a future you do it by any means necessary! Love it!”

kkwseet said:

“That’s what is supposed to be. TEAM WORK.”

Tosyn said:

“This is how it should be but when people relocate they start behaving mad. God bless your home.”

Man work and live in Canada

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a man who travelled to Canada on a student visa shared how he had been coping with work and school.

The man (@crizomeccc) woke up as early as 5 a.m. to prepare for work. He spent more than one hour commuting to his workplace.


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