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“My Mum Will Enjoy this One Day”: Mother of Bride Explodes in Joy, Dances in Sweet Way in Viral Wedding Video



  • A mother could not control her joy when she attended her daughter’s wedding, so she danced with energy
  • When the gospel song started playing, she jumped into the dance floor and absolutely held everyone spellbound
  • The bride watched with joy as the woman scattered the whole place with her joyful dance that has gone viral

A woman said to be the mother of a bride used a stunning dance to hold wedding guests spellbound.

A short TikTok video that captured the woman’s powerful and energetic dance has gone viral and elicited reactions.

In the video posted by @consciencehp, the woman emerged on the red carpet and used it as her dance stage.

Photos of a mother dancing at her daughter's wedding.The mother used all her powers to dance during the wedding. Photo credit: TikTok/@consciencehp.Source: TikTok

The bride was also standing close to her and watched with so much joy and amazement as the woman did wonders with her legs.

Bride’s mum entertains people with sweet dance

She danced with speed, accuracy and top-notch precision, capturing the attention of wedding guests.

Even little children who were present started moving their legs just like the woman.

From the way she danced with her flexible body, it was clear that she was happy that her daughter was getting married.

The video has been trailed by multiple reactions from TikTok users, many of who are praying for their mothers to witness their own big day.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users

@Purity Ndwiga said:

“Mothers…. the only people who are happy for our progress.”

@amiegirl187 commented:

“I pray for my mother to witness this day.”

@cyndy k said:

“My mother is dancing in heaven. Till we meet again, mama.”

@ruthamgbari commented:

“I pray my mom experiences this in Jesus’ mighty name Amen.”

@sarahfinah said:

“This is exactly what my mother will do at my wedding party. She is waiting for this more, than me myself nowadays. Oh Lord, make it happen soon.”

Young school girl entertains her mates with dance

In a related story, THETALK.NG reported that a girl in school uniform danced for her classmates.

There were plenty of children who were dancing, but she outshined all of them.

Soon, many of them stopped their own dance and focused attention on the girl who was a better dancer.


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