My Husband sleeps with different women, the one that pained me was sleeping with my 13-year-old younger sister

Peris Wambui had been married for the last six year a marriage that has made her life a living hell.

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Peris claims that her husband started cheating on her while she was only three months pregnant and whenever he interrogated him, she would be brutally beaten.

Peris claims that her husband had numerous affairs which she tolerated but the one that hurt her most was when he disgraced her by having an affair with her 13-year-old younger sister

Despite of the man sleeping with her younger sister, he went ahead and cheated on her with another woman and ran away with their two kids which she currently managed to get them back.

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Peris claims that her husband is now married to a famous gospel musician who completely destroyed her marriage but she has nothing against them.

Peris has urged married couples to walk away from marriage if it’s not working instead of waiting for the worst to happen

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