My Husband Sidechick run away with my Husband to America – Lady narrates painful marriage experience

Mary has revealed how her husband’s sidechick won the Greencard which made her husband to pack all his clothes and leave. He later went back and stole their son and managed to take him in America with them.

Mary was born and raised in Gatundu, after completing her studies she got employed as a secretary while there she met her ex-husband while going home in a matatu. They exchanged their contacts and after a period of one and a half years of dating they got married.

They were blessed with 2 kids in their marriage.He started a business for her where she used to sell clothes in Eastleigh. Her husband also resigned from work and started a cyber cafe. He then changed and started extramarital affairs with a lady who was working next to his workplace.

Her ex-husband used to admire to relocate to America and would try greencard lottery every year but never succeeded. One time his sidechick won the Lottery. They planned on how to leave .One day she found her husband had packed all his clothes and left.

He rented a house far from their home but would visit the young son who was on day school when Mary was at work. One day he went and stole their son and took him Nyeri in a boarding school. She went to his parent’s home searching for her son but they couldn’t give any information.

He later managed to get him papers without Mary knowing and went to America. Mary searched for her son on Facebook and managed to communicate with him. When her ex-husband came to know he was communicating with the mother, he blocked her and warned the son to stop communicating with her.

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