My Husband hit my head with Axe and left me to Die, He threaten to Kill me and my Children

Jane has revealed how her husband who they had separated for two weeks followed her back when she was going at work. He had threatened to kill her together with her two kids. He run after her holding an axe he cut her head and fingers several times and left her bleeding to die.

Jane was born and raised in ukambani.After completing her secondary education, she was not able to join college due to lack of funds despite her performing well. She started working in a salon after working for a few months she met a man dated for 3 months and got married.

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The man had promised to take her to college. According to her her marriage was good. After giving birth to her first born child, her husband approached his parents and informed them that he wanted to pay college fee for his wife. His parents discouraged them by telling her that she will leave him for another man if he pay for her college.

The Inlaws started hating and cursing her husband until he changed his mind and started doing whatever his parents said. He later lost his job ,they went back in the village. Jane was blessed with her second born child, it was heard for her since her husband was one. After 4 months she decided to go back to work at the salon

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Her Inlaws and her husband were against her going to work. He would tell her that she was going to do [email protected] and assault her. One day she decided to go back to her home. The man was angry and started to threatening to kill her together with her kids.One day she woke up as usual and prepared to go to work as usual.

She was passing in a bushy area and there were no people passing since it was in village.She heard some footsteps at the back when she turned back she saw her husband running after her carrying an axe. She screamed asking for help while running but no one heard her. Her husband hit her head with the axe and cut her thumb while trying to protect her head.

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She lost her consciousness , her husband continued to cut her head using the axe.She had 14 cuts on her head. He left her bleeding to die and went to police station where he run because the mob was after him. She was taken to hospital where she stayed for 2 months. Her husband was Jailed for 10 years for attempted murder. She has requested people to quit toxic marriages.

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