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My Husband divorced me after 26yrs of marriage saying Am just his Girlfriend, Here is why



Elizabeth Muthoni also known as (Liz) who is a well known business woman in Kenya. She is also a mother to three children and he was born and raised in Muranga. She had a tough childhood because her father was detained in prison during the colonial period. Her mother struggled to take her and her siblings through school until when she finished her secondary education.

Her father was later released and he took her to a teaching college. After graduation she got a job in a school and she met a man that was fifteen years older than her. He had separated from his wife and he was a single father of two children. She got married and got pregnant soon after.

She says that she was raising her child and her step children with equal love. Her husband was also rich and he gave her a good life. She became pregnant to two more children a few years later. She lived happily with her husband but they never had anything in common.

This strained their relationship. The age gap also affected the marriage because they reasoned differently. Her husband was understanding but she wasn’t happy in her marriage. She stayed in this marriage for twenty six years.

Liz says that during the last few years in her marriage a lot had changed. Her husband came home late and paid less attention to her. He spent more time pwth the children because he was a great father. When the marriage became Unbearable she aproached a friend for help.

The friend who was also a lawyer tried to intervine in the marriage but when her husband was confronted about his behavior, he said that he had not married her legally and she had been just his girlfriend of twenty years.

“My husband said that I was just his girlfriend after we lived together for twenty six years.” Liz says.

He didn’t recognize her as his wife because he had not divorced his previous wife for the twenty six years he was living with Liz. This Broke her heart in a huge way and she decided to walk away with her children. She start her life afresh as a teacher

She opened a college that grew tremendously. Within an year her college had four hundred students and wothin two years she had over two thousand students. It grew and she was able to open different branches. Liz also opened a kindergarten and also a hotel.

She believes that she has accomplished a lot in life a single mother and she is proud of herself. Her children who are now grown men and women help her manage the schools and hotel and she loved them alot.

She has advised women not to stay in unhappy marriages, because there are great opportunities out her for them.

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