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My Husband Didn’t touch me during our honeymoon – He did what Pained me instead, I regret marrying Him



A lady reffered to as Susan from Nairobi painfully narrates how she regretted getting married to her husband on their first night together after their wedding. She was heartbroken and she believes that she made the worst decision in her life by marrying him.

Susan who was born and raised in Muranga claimed that she was in Cumpus when she met her fiance. He was employed in a big company and they attended the same church. They were both christians and Susan was a young pastor there.

They had a relationship and after several months of dating he proposed to her. She was excited and they started to plan for their wedding. The first few weeks of preparation were okay but with time her finance changed.

He started ignoring her and even showed disinterest in the wedding arrangements. She planned the wedding alone and this strained her mentally. Her fiance never contributed money for the wedding and she used all her savings for the wedding.

On the actual day of the wedding she woke up and prepared herself however a few minutes to the wedding her husband hadn’t arrived in church. People tried to look for him and he arrived hours later and he was intoxicated.

Susan was stressed and she cried the whole journey to the church for her wedding. On arrival they tied the knot and they were officially married. It was already late and they took a hotel room to sleep.

She claimed that her husband didn’t touch her that night and he spent the whole time on his phone. When he fell asleep she took his phone and she was shocked. She found countless messages between her husband and different women which were exchanged while they were together on the hotel room.

Some women shared explicit videos and pictures of themselves worth him and he talked about how he regretted marrying her. Sje was heartbroken and regretted getting married on that day. After that night they never went for a honeymoon.

“My husband said that, that night was our honeymoon and we should leaving the following morning and go back home.” Susan said.

She confronted him about the messages and he ignored her and he never gave her an explanation. They went home the following day and started living together. However Susan has made her mind a few we months later she left him and started life afresh.

She has advised women to take their time before marriage. She believes that marrying her husband was the worst mistake she made and she regrets it till today.

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