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My Husband brought woman home saying She is Prophetess, But I caught them doing…



Lucy has revealed how her husband brought a woman in their house claiming to be a Prophetess who would pray for them Inorder to succeed in life. He left her on the bed and slept with the Prophetess on the couch.

Lucy was born and raised in Naivasha. After completing her primary education she couldn’t further her studies since her mother was not well off. She was employed as a househelp where she met her husband after working for one year.

They moved in together after a few months of dating. They were blessed with their firstborn child and the marriage was ok. After two years she Conceived their second born. After the nine months journey she delivered a baby.

She was discharged and went in the house together with her husband. A week after her husband went home in the company of a woman. He introduced her as a Prophetess who had gone to pray for them Inorder to Succeed. After the prayers her husband requested her to prepare dinner for them.

She served them dinner and when it was 10pm she told the lady to sleep on the couch while her and the husband went in their bedroom. The husband looked unsettled. Lucy fell asleep but she heard her husband leave the bedroom. She waited for ten minutes and tiptoed in the sitting room.

When she switched on the lights,she saw her husband sleeping with the so called Prophetess on the couch. They were ashamed and the lady went to apologize to her saying that they had planned to lie to her. She said that she was his first wife but they had separated.

Lucy told her husband to choose between the two, who he would like to stay with.Her husband chose the other woman. He packed all his clothes and left her with the children. She raises her kids alone.

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