My Husband and his 9 friend force themselves on me – Woman narrates

Bernice has Painfully narrated how she suffered under the hands of her husband who used to bring women in their house and sleep with both of them one after the other.

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Matter became worse after he brought 9 men and told them to sleep with her in turns.

She was born and raised in Gatundu.After completing her primary education she didn’t join secondary school due to lack of school fees. She joined her mother in picking tea.when she was 13 years old she met a guy who claimed to love her.

She was so naive and believed the guy to an extent of moving in with him.

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They later relocated to Naivasha to introduce her to his parents. They were given a house at the far end of the land where there were no neighbours. Her husband used to work in construction sites.One day he went home and started smoking bhang in the house.He said it was his lifestyle and Bernice should get used to it.

Her husband changed started drinking alcohol and would bring a woman in the house and sleep with them in turns.He could also force her to sleep with he backside.She informed his mother to warn him but he didn’t change. They had been blessed with 3kids in the marriage

One day her husband informed her that they were going to have 9 visitors that night.He bought food Inorder for her to prepare and also bought her a white short dress and told her to wear it that night.He told her to take the kids to his mother’s house.

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The visitors arrived carrying alcohol, She served them the food and after they finished. She went into their bedroom, they were drinking alcohol and smoking bhang.Her husband called her and pushed her on the couch, he slept with her infront of the 9 men.

The next one was called to continue and all the nine men [email protected] her and left her unconscious. They thought she had died and left the door open.She regained her consciousness at around 4 am.She tried to gather strenghttook her phone and called her mother inlaw.

She went and narrated everything to her but she advised her not to report him since he was the sole breadwinner in his home and his mother’s home.She stayed there for 3 weeks and he didn’t return.When she got healed she moved out went to another town and rented a small house with her kids.She has urged women to quit toxic marriages.

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