My girlfriend INITIATED me into Cult group for money, Here is the Prize I paid – I regretted Everything

Vincent Onyango from Nairobi painfully narrates how he was introduced to a cult by his girlfriend. She promised him that he would get a lot of wealth, however after he accepted he regretted his decision completely.

Vincent was born and raised in Kisumu. He studied to form four and after completing his exams he relocated to Nairobi where he lived with his uncle. A few weeks later he got a job at a butchery where he was paid two hundred Kenyan shillings daily.

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Speaking to Standard digital, Vincent claimed that the money he was paid on a daily basis couldn’t pay his rent and provide for his daily needs. Therefore he spent countless nights in the butchery without his employer’s knowledge.

One day a young lady came to the butchery to buy meat. He was surprised when she asked for his phone number and he quickly gave her. She became a frequent customer and even passed advances on him.

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At first he resisted because she drove a nice car and had a lot of money. After several weeks he gave in and they had a relationship. A few months in the relationship the woman would give him a lot of money and even opened a butchery for him.

Vincent’s life changed and he was wearing expensive clothes and he was enrolled for a driving school. His life improved and he was able to send his parents some money. However one Sunday evening things changed completely.

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His girlfriend informed him that she was a member of a cult that performed rituals. She also told him that the money he was spending was made from her business that she had used rituals to enhance. He was shocked when she also said that she had enrolled him already and a blood sacrifice had been performed on his behalf

Vincent couldn’t believe it and she told him that he wanted out. His girlfriend told him that of he left all his money would vanish and his business would go down. He would also go back to the life he lived before. However of he agreed to be part of the cult he would gain a lot of wealth. He was obsessed with the new life and that’s how he agreed to be part of the cult.

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“I wanted to maintain my lifestyle and I agreed to be part of the cult.”Vincent said.

He was taken to a place at night and rituals were performed on him. However he was surprised when he was informed that he wasn’t allowed to marry a woman or have any children. After going back home his business grew bigger and he opens several butchery branches.

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He had money but he didn’t have a family and he started felling lonely and his parents pressured him to get a wife. The frustrations grew and he ended the relationship with his girlfriend. One day he decided to change his life. He went to a pastor in a certain church who was known for delivering people.

He made his confessions and it took him three days of prayers for him to be delivered. Since then his business failed and he went back to doing odd jobs. He married a wife and they were blessed with two children. He said that he regrets joining that cult.

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He has adviced young people not to engage in cults to make money because his greed for money had ruined his life. He wasted years of his life that he would have worked hard and made a genuine life for himself.

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