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Mum who worked for 20yrs to train son as pilot cries as he flies her in airplane



Mum who worked for 20yrs to train son as pilot cries as he flies her in airplane
  • An Ethiopian mother was overwhelmed with joy after seeing that her son has become a certified pilot
  • The mother worked in Beirut, Lebanon, for 20 years, saving up her salary and using it to pay for her son’s school fees
  • The young man finally became a pilot, and he was the one who flew her mother home from Lebanon on an Ethiopian Airlines flight

An Ethiopian mother broke down in tears after her son, who is a pilot, flew her home from Beirut, Lebanon.

The mother was said to have lived and worked in Lebanon for 20 years, during which she saved up and paid her son’s school fees.

Mother overjoyed as her son flies her in airplane.The mother was the one who worked and trained her son as a pilot. Photo credit: Facebook/Ethiopian Airlines Fanpage.Source: Facebook

She was going home from Lebanon, and she did not know that her son would be the pilot of the Ethiopian Airlines flight ET407.

It was a joyful moment when she boarded the flight, and her son emerged with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. She broke down in tears, and they both hugged passionately.

The Ethiopian Airlines Fan Page posted the heartwarming video on Facebook.

The story reads:

“This Ethiopian woman, on her way back home after a long 20 years of hard work in Lebanon, was surprised onboard by her son, who now became a pilot. She dedicated her life for her son’s education and then obtaining a pilot license. Her big surprise was at Beirut Airport as she was boarding the Ethiopian Boeing 737! Her son was the pilot on his mother’s flight ET407 to Addis Ababa, and he was waiting for her with some flowers and cake

Watch the video below:

Facebook users react to heartwarming video of Ethiopian mum and her pilot son

Bernardo Sa said:

“Congratulations from West Africa to our African Ethiopian hero. All Africans are proud of him.”

Ashenafi Mekuria said:

“This just made me cry this is so wonderful nothing like a mother.”

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