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“Milk is Not Coming Out”: Drama as Grandmother Breastfeeds Her Grandchild, Video Causes Stir



"Milk is Not Coming Out": Drama as Grandmother Breastfeeds Her Grandchild, Video Causes Stir
  • A Nigerian woman passionately breastfed her grandchild, but there was no milk in her milk factory
  • The child was breastfed by the grandmother, who took charge of babysitting in the absence of her daughter
  • The video which captured the moment is generating mixed reactions among TikTok users after it went viral

A Nigerian grandmother breastfed her grandchild when the baby’s mother went on an errand.

The mother of the child posted the video of the funny moment on TikTok and asked other mums if they had had such an experience.

Grandmother breastfeeds her grandchild.The baby could not get milk during the breastfeeding. Photo credit: TikTok/@sommy_gold.Source: TikTok

In the clip posted by Sommy Gold, the mother said she went out on an errand, leaving her child with her mother.

The grandmother was seen breastfeeding the baby, but it was clear that breastmilk was not gushing out as the child expected.

The grandmother laughed out loud in the video and expressed the fact that the child must be wondering why it wasn’t getting some milk from her.

While some TikTok users said they actually liked it, others said they would never allow their mothers to breastfeed their children.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users as grandmother breastfeeds her grandchild

@Khiana Godday said:

“My mum did the same with my baby. Trust me, it’s not a problem.”

@Bosslady commented:

It is not a big deal o, but new generation mothers nor go like am.”

@Mrs Onyedikachi said:

“This is my mom, mostly at night when she don’t want to disturb me.”

@nickyhendrix commented:

“My mom also breastfed my son, and he’ll be 6 this November.”

@Wendy said:

“My mother-in-law use to do this.”

@maryannakpa442 said:

“This was exactly what my mom did when I left her with baby. Like our mothers are the best.”

@olivenasa commented:

“My grandma breastfed my younger sister till she clocked two.”

Mother shows off baby who transformed her during pregnancy

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG reported that a woman showed off her baby shortly after she gave birth.

The woman looked unkempt during her pregnancy, and she blamed the baby for it.

The cuteness of the child made many TiKTok users agree that the boy collected all her mother’s beauty when he was in the womb.


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