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“Met Her Like this”: Scared Lady Shares Video of Cousin Behaving Strangely after Using Attachment



"Met Her Like this": Scared Lady Shares Video of Cousin Behaving Strangely after Using Attachment
  • A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share the strange display she found her cousin showcasing in the house
  • According to the lady, her cousin appeared to fall into a trance a day after making her hair with attachment
  • Mixed reactions have trailed a video showing the lady’s strange behaviour as people shared their thoughts on trance

A Nigerian lady has caused a stir online after she shared a video of her cousin in a trance a day after making her hair with attachment.

The lady, @amanozi, said she was really scared when she returned from her shop to find her cousin in that condition.

Attachment, trance, ladyShe fell into a trance after using an attachment on her hair.
Photo Credit: @amanoziSource: TikTok

@amanozi added that she has never experienced anything like it. In the video, her cousin dragged and pulled her hair and moved her body around like someone under the influence of something.

She knelt and appeared to be wailing as she struggled with the hair as if trying to forcefully remove it.

Many people were stunned by her behaviour. A trance is a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to the lady’s cousin’s behaviour

#mise said:

“Her Malika doesn’t like anything extension had it been she had earrings on at that moment swears she would cut it with her ear more power babe.”

Jidennadpw said:

“I knew the hair will be cut because while she was on trance, she was using her bare hand like scissors ✂️to cut her hair…God is wonderful.”

user6028967481901 said:

“I have been in a trance before but it was peaceful the person that was with me self did not notice.”

Itunuoluwa said:

“I respect Holyspirit, chai from being posh to going to 7th Heaven, trance no be anyone’s mate.”

Queen _B said:

“Her spirit person no like that particular attachment.

“Trance is peaceful and quiet.”

Harkeem said:

“Person dey on brownies say na trance.”

Naa_Ayeley said:

“If we had this in Ghana, our president would have behaved well. We go use this mood scatter Parliament House laidiz.”

Mum shocked as her 10-year-old son goes into trance

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a 10-year-old boy had shocked his mum as he went into a trance.

Dressed in a white garment with his hair scattered, the lad laid on the floor and broke into a strange dance, as seen in a video made available on TikTok.

His mother recorded the whole incident, marvelling at the greatness of God. She revealed that the lad went into a trance for seven days.


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