Meet Lady who makes 8.5 million naira monthly from selling armpits hairs

I’ve always loved expressing myself. “

A 20-year-old woman takes home KSh 2.4 million (N8.5 million) per month from selling photos of her hairy armpits. Men who buy the photos tell Cherry the Mistress that she is a goddess and their dream woman.

Cherry the Mistress is an online creator of specialised content who used to work as a barista but has since changed and is earning 20 times more than she used to do She joined OnlyFans to ply her new trade, and she said it is the best decision that she has ever made

The enterprising lady said it makes her feel special.

One day when she was preparing for a date, it occurred to her that men don’t prepare as much as women do for dates, so she stopped the process of shaving and has never shaved since then.


Lydia – How can i join this market abeg? i be shaving every week thinking am hygienic ,so am loosing millions ?sha!

Eluid muthui – This is a spiritual issue,if you think it is a common thing,begin posting your armpit and see if you will make anything.The question is what do these men do with it;they must be in some occult practices with this lady it is as simple as that!

Thufu – She would make 10 times more if she targets hair in other regions

Cathui – Another one was selling her farts just another day.n she could make a lot .earth is hard

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