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Meet African Lady who looks “exactly” like Cardi B



A Kenyan lady has wowed netizens with her resemblance to US rapper Cardi B.

Cardi B’s lookalike

Via Instagram, the gorgeous young woman Nduta Mwega collaged her picture side to side with the rapper’s picture, and people couldn’t tell them apart.

She noted that she was humbled by all the new followers she was getting since people confused her with the star.

The resemblance to the rapper might be a blessing as a young girl resembling superstar Rihanna in 2019 landed a major endorsement deal.

Cardi’s kids can’t tell them apart?

Many of her fans advised her to get matching tattoos with Cardi in order to seal the deal.

From the comments, netizens are also convinced that the star’s kids wouldn’t be able to tell them apart if they were to switch places.

The good sis has also milked the fame that came with her uncanny resemblance to the mum of two.

She wrote:

“Imma leave this here, cant believe I did the shoot before her interview was out. the choice of makeup and wig synchronizing.”

Fans react to photos of Cardi B’s lookalike

Here’s what fans had to say:

@epitome_art_and_design said:

“Gal umeweza.”

@cali__culture said:

“Libra energy, are you?”

@christopher_muriuki said:

“Get a tattoo now.”

@ambilly2022 said:

“Can’t believe we have our own Kenyan Cardi b.”

@pkerry_jons said:

“You definitely have baddie’s eyes.”

@reuben_prince said:

“Once told you, Cardi looks like you… check on your DM.