“Marry first” – Netizens tell former seminarian who said he would rather die than cheat on his wife

A Nigerian man who left the seminary has courted controversy on social media after revealing his stance on infidelity in marriage.

The legal practitioner, identified as Valerian Nwadike, had stated that he respects the institution of marriage a lot and would rather die than cheat on his spouse.

He added that if his wife cheats on him, even it was by mistake, he would end their marriage because there’s no going forward from there.

In a series of tweets, he wrote,

“If we are married and you cheat even if it’s by mistake it’s all over Sha . And yes I’ll rather die than cheat in my marriage, that’s how serious i see the institution of marriage.

I’ve Sha said my own .

I didn’t leave Seminary to get married for my wife to cheat on me. O wrong now”

Shockingly, a number of people made snide remarks about his tweet and told him to get married first before saying he would never cheat.

See some reactions below,

Reacting to the naysayers, Valerian in a follow-up tweet said,

“When I see marry first I laugh 😂 y’all are super hilarious 🤣 I dare say when i was in a relationship I never ever cheated on my girlfriend ever. Much more marriage. Not like I owe anyone of you any explanation at all .

Go on with your own new normal & leave me the F*** alone”

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