Married Nurse Explains Why She Slept With Her Husband’s Best Friend


“He makes me shout with joy in bed”

A 40 year lady of Mansa has testified before the local court that she left her husband of twenty-two years for her husband’s best frend’ inorder to enjoy sex.

Ms Charity Kalumba who is a nurse by profession within Mansa was a witness in the case of Joseph Kachenjela against George Kalumba on Tuesday. Mr Kachenjela is demanding compensation for adultery.

But Charity who stood as a witness against her husband of twenty-two years, said there was no intimacy between her and Kachenjela. She said her husband married her when she was a teenager and knew nothing about marriage and love. He took her to school and later went to School of Nursing. She said all that time, her eyes were not yet opened.

Now that her eyes have been opened , she deserves the best and she is happy that she is gong out with a man (unmarried friend to her hubby) who is always ready to make her shout wth joy in bed..

She explained that her husband then treated her like an object who he was unable to satsfy in bed but now she feels like she is really a woman after meeting George Kalumba a teacher whom she claimed ‘is excellent in bed’. The court dssolved the marriage without compasation from either sides and the two yesterday officially got married

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