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Man who has 34 goats rejoices as all of them get pregnant at the same time



Man who has 34 goats rejoices as all of them get pregnant at the same time
  • A man who is a goat farmer posted a video explaining how all his goats got pregnant at the same time
  • In the video, the man said he knows exactly when his goats are on heat, so he brings a male goat to get them pregnant
  • He explained that all the 34 goats that are now pregnant will end up giving birth at the same time in January next year

A goat farmer is happy because all his female goats are pregnant at the same time.

The farmer posted a TikTok video explaining to his followers how he achieved the feat.

Photos of a man who is a goat farmer.The man said his goats got pregnant at the same time. Photo credit: TikTok/@farminginafrica_official.Source: TikTok

According to him, he studies the goats and knows precisely when they are in heat and then introduces a male.

He captioned the video:

“Do you know you can make all your goats pregnant at the same time? This is how you do it.”

He said once the male goat is introduced among the female goats, it crosses them and gets them pregnant at once.

The goat farmer noted that all his 34 female goats are now pregnant and would welcome their offspring in January of 2024.

The man’s goat farming skills impressed many of his Tiktok followers. He posted the video using his TikTok handle, @farminginafrica_official.

Watch the video below:

Reactions to video of a goat farmer

@Follow said:

“The real goat.”

@tzRoss said:

“That male goat is THE GOAT.”

@Sezzzy commented:

“The he-goat deserves a medal.”

@Kenny said:

“Justice for that he-goat.”

@DOPE DUDE commented:

“I hope una buy milk give the male goat?”

@Tinaishe Sibanda said:

“That goat reminds me of my heydays.”

@Eddies said:

“na why dem dey call am goat.”

@londanani said:

“At first, I listened to this without reading the caption, and heard “how do we get our girls pregnant all at the same time.”

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The goat was thrown in the lion’s den, but the lion ran away.

Everyone who saw the video was shocked at how the lion got scared of the goat.


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