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Man Goes Viral for Keeping His Home Perfectly Clean: “House Dad”, Impresses Many



Man Goes Viral for Keeping His Home Perfectly Clean: "House Dad", Impresses Many
  • A stay-at-home father happily showed off his meticulous details when cleaning his exquisite home alone
  • The hardworking dad went viral for his cleaning video, showing his hard work and commitment to keeping the house clean
  • He not only dusted the living room, kitchen and corridor but also headed to his daughter’s room and tidied it up

A man is trending online after videos of him cleaning his home went viral, leaving many social media users stunned.

Hardworking dadMan cleans house alone. Photo: VT.Source: UGC

The father, whom some have dubbed “ultimate dad, ” showed prowess and meticulousness as he cleaned his home.

In one video shared by VT, the diligent father displayed his hard work around the house while his family was absent.

“David loves keeping his family home looking perfect! ,” read the caption.

The man showed off his massive and luxurious living room with posh furniture in the video.

Stay-at-home dad cleans up living room

He dusted the television and the television stand before he moved to the curtains and sprayed them.

He also sprayed the seats before vacuum-cleaning the carpet and the floor in the living room.

The hardworking father then put soap and water in a basin which he used to clean the ceiling before heading to the kitchen, where he wiped the refrigerator door and microwave.

Next, he cleaned the house’s corridor, leaving no spot unchecked, including the walls and in between the plants.

Father tidies up daughter’s bedroom

The loving father also upgraded the kitchen’s look, redesigning by himself and cleaning afterwards.

In another slide, he went to his daughter’s beautiful bedroom and tidied it up while she was away.

He also arranged her items, putting them in excellent order and leaving the room sparking clean.

Social media reactions

Netizens were stunned by the man’s hard work as they headed to the comments section.

Lala Sandoval:

“Man, he is the Male version of me Thank you for being who you are and your strength. Housework can be so overwhelming and exhausting.”

Kendrick Adkins

“Okay, stay at home dad? Makes sense. But come on it’s not like he’s cleaning like that every day. What’s he doing with the rest of his time?”

Donna Neri

“It’s good that he cleans the house but too much chemicals and toxic in the place, especially on the kid’s bed !?

Use eco-friendly or none is best. You don’t need all those chemicals to clean the house and still have the house clean.”

Stephanie Demarest:

“Is this guy available? He looks to speak my cleaning/tidy/non-mess/ everything must look perfect language ‍♀️.”

Dad shops, plaits daughter’s hair

Meanwhile, less than a week ago, a single dad of four was hailed for stepping up and plaiting his daughter’s hair in warming video.

The single dad loaded his car with shopping before returning home to clean the house.

He received praise after he combed and plaited his little girl’s hair, showing he was a present father.


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