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Man denied US visa twice excited as he gets it in 2023, travels out in video



Man denied US visa twice excited as he gets it in 2023, travels out in video
  • A traveller has celebrated finally getting a United States visa in 2023, six years after his last application was denied
  • According to the young man, he first applied for a US visa in 2015 and was not considered, but he did not give up
  • His story inspired and motivated internet users as people shared their US visa application experiences

A travel vlogger, Davian, has excitedly celebrated getting his US visa in 2023 after being denied twice.

Narrating his experience via a video, Davian displayed his passport showing the visa approval, how he took a flight to the US and a scene showing him having fun there.

Davian, US visaDavian was denied US visa two times.
Photo Credit: @trqvelwithdavianSource: TikTok

According to him, he was denied a visa first in 2015 and then in 2017 when he reapplied.

Undeterred, he applied six years later and was successful. Davian added that he did the application himself.

He encouraged visa applicants to remain motivated even when their applications get denied. He wrote:

“I’ve traveled a lot but it’s my first time to the US.

“Stay motivated and continue to apply for the visa if you were denied.”

Watch the video below:

Davian’s story got people talking

Rein on me93 said:

“Dem deny me. No man or child but nuh worry cause I’ll be engaged and pregnant next time mi apply.”

Kimonique Kimonique said:

“Best feeling ever they turn me down 2014 and my mom filed for me 2015… they couldn’t deny me the second time lol …congratulations to you.”

Averyshema said:

“If first you don’t succeed try try again and that’s what you did. God got your back.”

Living for today said:

“I wonder if this is my sign to try again…got denied 2× and is scared to try again.”

mrsnotmiss said:

“Same here lol denied 2017, my husband made me apply and I got approved 2023. Don’t give up guys.”

Rome said:

“Me just leave the embassy today . and saw ya video pop up on me fyp…glad you got through…. I got my B1/b2 today first time applying.”

kevon said:

“Me denied 3 time at US embassy so me just switched to Canada and I got tru.”

Portable shares why he was denied US visa 5 times

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that singer Portable had opened up on why he was denied US visa five times.

In an interview with Echo Room, the Zazu crooner disclosed that he was denied a visa five times because of how he presented himself.

According to him, he presented ten people who were added to him as his band members during his interview. Portable added that he had no idea who those people were, they all had different surnames, and the moment he presented himself as the leader of the band, he got denied a visa.


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