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Man breaks up with girlfriend for begging for N550, leaks their WhatsApp chat



Man breaks up with girlfriend for begging for N550, leaks their WhatsApp chat
  • A Kenyan man leaked a WhatsApp chat with his girlfriend, whom he has now dumped, where she was asking him for money
  • The 23-year-old woman begged her man for KSh 100 (N550), and he blatantly denied her the money
  • Speaking to, @Gesonso1 noted that the lady had a job but had the tendency to ask him for money

A Kenyan man, @Gesonso1, has expressed dissatisfaction with his 23-year-old girlfriend’s behaviour of asking him for money.

A tweep exposes his ex-girlfriend on the X app.A tweep exposes his ex-girlfriend on the X app. Photo: @Genso1.Source: Twitter

How did the smokie, mayai vendor go viral?

In a screenshot that has gone viral on the X app, formerly known as Twitter, a man outed his lover.

@Gesonso1 became famous on the X app for being a smokie and mayai vendor in CBD.

Netizens lauded him for his good work despite being an accounting graduate.

Why did the Kenyan man dump his lover?

The man has revealed that all was not well with his relationship with a 23-year-old he loved.

@Gesonso1, during their happier times, used to post her rocking his jerseys during match days.

As modern-day relationship experts would say, ‘kilimramba proper.’

The young man unleashed WhatsApp chats with the woman, claiming he was done with her.

In the chat, the lady begged him for KSh 100 (N550), to which @Gesonso1 noted that he did not end it with her.

In the messages, the woman wrote:

“Babe, can you send me KSh 100 then? Will you send it? You have decided to bluetick me then fine… Sorry dfor disturbing you.”

He responded:

“What do you want me to tell you surely and I had told you earlier that I did not have any cash.”

Does the 23-year-old earn money?

In an exclusive interview with, the X influencer noted that he was tired of the ex-girlfriend constantly asking him for cash, yet he was also struggling.

@Gesonso1 noted that the 23-year-old had a job. She did not know how to manage finances.

“Both her parents are alive. She is always asking for cash for food credit, gas, fare but when her salary hits the account she will be like leave me alone to manage my finances hata haezi tuma mia mimi nikunywe hata soda.

I tried to tell her we should go work the moment I opened my smokie business but she refused to come to work with me. Instead, she told me that it’s my work to get money for her to spend.”

The man dumped the woman, noting that she wanted him to return to his hometown empty-handed.

“She wanted me to go back to Kisii.”

Boyfriend took back car from girlfriend

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a lady lost the car gift her boyfriend gave her on her graduation day after she failed a loyalty test.

When the lady was asked to guess who gifted her the vehicle, she mentioned Ben. Unfortunately, Ben was not her boyfriend’s name.


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