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“Living My Dream Life”: Girl, 25, Gets Big Job with United Nations as Leader, Video Inspires Many



"Living My Dream Life": Girl, 25, Gets Big Job with United Nations as Leader, Video Inspires Many
  • A 25-year-old girl who got a job with the United Nations has caught significant attention from netizens
  • Many viewers were deeply inspired by her accomplishments and lauded her as a source of motivation
  • The video resonated with individuals who aspire to achieve success at a young age and make a positive impact on a global scale

A 25-year-old lady with the handle @veekativhu on TikTok has shared a glimpse into her life as a young leader at the United Nations.

The intriguing video showcased her daily activities and responsibilities at the prestigious organization.

25-year-old girl gets job with United Nations25-year-old girl gets job with United Nations
Photo credit: @veekathivhu/TikTok.Source: TikTok

She captioned the video:

“A day in my life as a Young Leader at the United Nations!”

Lady inspires netizens as she gets prestigious work with the United Nations

Netizens were captivated by her experiences and the opportunity she had at such a young age.

The comments section of @veekativhu’s TikTok video was flooded with enthusiastic reactions from netizens.

Many expressed how her life had become a dream for them and praised her as an inspiration.

They commended her for achieving such a significant role at the United Nations and admired her dedication and hard work.

Veekativhu’s impact and wholesome inspiration to netizens

Veekativhu’s video not only showcased her journey but also served as an inspiration to others.

Her portrayal of ‘a day in the life’ of a young leader at the United Nations motivated viewers to pursue their dreams and strive for success.

Reactions trail video of lady working with United Nations

The positive response and admiration she received from netizens demonstrated the impact she had on those who watched her video.

@Junescarf said:

“Every time I see you I just smile and feel overwhelmingly proud! Keep shining girly!”

@p.i.x.i.e_k said:

“Babe these are goals. Keep going.”

@natashanvoni599 commented:

“How’s living every girls dream. Girl that’s amazing.”

@simply~nakwai commented:

“I wanna work with UN.”

@Raissa Belle reacted:

“Gush! You are an inspiration.”

@simply~nakwai commented:

“I wanna work with UN.”

@Raissa Belle reacted:

“Gush! You are an inspiration.”

@Heidi & Baibieyy reacted:

“Goooooooaaaaaaals Baaaby keep going.”

@Shinganicole said:


Watch the video below:

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Oluwatise said on Twitter: “I was sitting in his car talking with him and complained about being a broke college kid and he offered me a job that I wasn’t even qualified for. Turns out he was the senior manager at the company and they had just stopped hiring but he got them to reopen the link for me, interview me and get me hired within a week.”


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