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Little Boy Tearfully Begs Mum in Video as She Orders Him to Write, Pleads: “Mummy Calm Down First”



Little Boy Tearfully Begs Mum in Video as She Orders Him to Write, Pleads: "Mummy Calm Down First"
  • A funny drama ensued between a mother and her little son over her demand that he writes in a notebook
  • The kid tried to dribble his way around heeding her directive and tearfully begged his mum to calm down
  • A video showing the drama involving the boy and his mum left internet users in stitches, with some mothers sharing their own experiences

A little boy named Olamide gave netizens hard laughs after he was captured telling his mum to calm down.

The boy’s ‘calm down’ appeal came after his mother directed him to write in a notebook before him.

Olamide, mum, calm downOlamide told his mother to calm down.
Photo Credit: @mideylateefSource: TikTok

Apparently, the boy did not want that and tried to dribble his mother. Olamide threw a tantrum as he burst into tears, saying his head was scratching him.

Unsatisfied, he broke into a cough and appealed to his mum to let him take water to deal with the cough.

The boy’s drama was caught on camera and got people talking. Some mothers shared how their kids come up with excuses not to do their homework.

Watch the video below:

Internet users found the boy’s behaviour hilarious

1stjoy said:

“When they are to do assignment that’s when something will sha do them…he is just like my boy…alai ni nkan se gbogbo.”

hannibeauty09 said:

“Na everything they do them when is time to write or do there assignments kids are wonderful, God bless them for us.”

Mhiz Diamond said:

“My son does dis… I get confused when he does dis bcoz howww did we get here..?”

Estelle Susi said:

“They have always have something they want to tell you.”

Christ Is Able said:

“I don’t know why these kids hate learning ha they can watch cartoons the who day and won’t fall sick o mention learn they will be sick instant.”

ifeoluwa said:

“Na so them they do for house they use to cooperate with their teachers.”

Deemama said:

“Mine slept yesterday when she heard go and bring your homework the babe sleep till this morning.”

Little boy tackles mum over iPad

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a little boy had tackled his mother over an iPad.

Apparently, the mother had promised to get an iPad for her son when he got to grade two in school.

Currently in grade one, the lad has started demanding that his mother fulfill the promise she made to him. According to the boy, he is almost in grade two and is already of age to own an iPad.

A video showed the little boy pointing fingers at his mum and shouting that she gets him the iPad.


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