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South Africa

Limpopo residents urged to stay safe after massive python spotted in area

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People always laugh heartily when American movies portray South Africa to be a place where wild animals roam freely and one could be greeted by a giant animal while making your way to work. While it isn’t exactly the jungle out here, there are often instances where people have brush-ups with wildlife and it isn’t always pleasant either. In fact, people in Limpopo Thabazini have been warned to keep on the lookout for a large python that has been slithering around the area.

Limpopo residents warned of giant python in the area

One thing a person hopes to never read is a warning that there is a large dangerous snake on the loose in the area where you live.

Residents in Thabazini Limpopo however received the unfortunate news via an Arrive Alive Facebook post warning them that a large python has been spotted in the area.

“When hiking or walking in a wilderness area, stick to the path and avoid grassy, bushy areas where snakes may be hiding. Also, wear boots, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt,” a statement reads.

The organisation also warned that as warmer weather approaches, snakes will become more active.

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Also attached to the warning are photos of the snake which isn’t venomous but is known to constrict or squeeze its prey to death.

When threatened, pythons may also resort to biting which is very painful.

Mzansians share hilarious reactions

While many were thankful for the warning, they also took some time to joke about how they would react if they came across the huge snake.

Hlubi N Hadebe said:

“I wouldn’t even have the energy to run, I would just surrender.”

Mlondolozi S Mjakada responded:

“This one is good for money”

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