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“Leave Me Alone”: Nigerian Man Makes Noise like a Dog in Bank over His Money, Video Stirs Massive Reactions



  • A Nigerian man visited his bank to complain about how money left his account without his permission
  • The answer he got was not satisfactory and this made the unhappy customer make noises like a dog in pain
  • Mixed reactions have greeted the video of him barking like a wounded dog as people slammed Nigerian banks

Like a wounded dog, a displeased Nigerian man was recorded making funny noises in a bank over his money.

Instagram Influencer Tunde Ednut who shared the clip explained that money usually left the man’s account with his authorisation.

Bank, dog, manHe made noises like a dog in pain.
Photo Credit: @mufasatundeednutSource: Instagram

He said when the man complained to the bank officials, he was told that there was nothing they could do about it and this made him go crazy.

The man resorted to barking and making animal-like noises which left other customers amused. A security man and another fellow tried to calm him to no avail.

He shouted at them to let him be as he continued making a noise.

Watch the video below:

Reactions on social media

@dr_adetountanni said:

“You can’t understand because you’re not in his shoes. Nigerian banks will bring out the worst in you because all your brains will freeze.”

@sammywalex2000 said:

“If you lost money for road or it’s easy to accept your loss and move on no matter the amount but if nah from your bank account knowing fully well that it’s some people trying to thief your money it’s hard to let go of such even if is 1k.”

@amarah.shuga said:

“Banking job in Nigeria is a very messed up job,most banks have angry staffs that are working like horses, working overtime small thing they have vex and start feeling like Jesus Christ or if the bank belong to their father, they really deserve that shout.”

@thatnurseuby said:

“They’ll still take your money and give you headache . I remember when I used the self service box in the bank to deposit money and when i got alert i saw my money way 5k less That day i almost fainted in the bank till my friend had to tell me he’d give me the money. I was still happy as i felt like if I was given the 5k plus the one i lost, I’d probably have had more money I was crying like i lost someone cos then i use to keep two jobs and worked hard for my money.”

@jesusboi_ said:

“This is really funny, and painful at the same time …you know that point when you are helpless, but you make sure you do your best to help yourself.”

Displeased customer storms bank with bed and gas cooker

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that an unhappy customer had stormed a bank with his bed and gas cooker.

In a TikTok video, the unhappy man loudly lamented that he was tired of visiting the bank everyday with no success. According to him, he wanted nothing more than to get assess to the money in his account but is always disappointed.

Joining others in the seated queue, he ordered that the bank be opened, saying they must give him his money.


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