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Leaked voice note beauty queen Patience sent to her husband surprises many



Leaked voice note beauty queen Patience sent to her husband surprises many
  • A leaked voice note has surfaced, shedding more light on the marriage saga between the Face of Beauty CEO and her ex-husband
  • The voice note stated the financial contributions of her husband, revealing that he sends above N50k to her for upkeep
  • Netizens have shared their reactions to the one-sided story with many tackling the lady for crying out online

In a leaked voice note, the Face of Beauty CEO, Patience Egbor, revealed details about her ex-husband’s financial contributions towards their children’s welfare.

She mentioned that he used to send as much as N60k and more for their needs. This is coming after she claimed in a video that he sends just N2k to her whenever she asks for money.

Leaked voice note of face of Beauty CEO surprises NigeriansLeaked voice note of face of Beauty CEO trends
Photo credit: @iam_temmyy/TwitterSource: Twitter

She claimed that he allegedly reduced the amount specifically for food expenses, claiming it was excessive.

Patience expressed her disappointment in her ex-husband’s actions, highlighting the difference in financial support for other purposes and the reduced amount for food.

Patience’s husband accuses her of being extravagant

The leaked voice note also included allegations made by Patience Egbor’s ex-husband.

He accused her of extravagant spending, which led to his decision to reduce the food allowance.

Patience defended herself, stating that her ex-husband had no issue with larger sums being sent for other purposes, such as buying things for the children or covering medical expenses.

She questioned why the same generosity was not extended to their daily food needs.

In her words;

“I chatted you and said do you know you’ve not sent N50K for the children’s food, you used to send that kind of money when you want to buy things for the children.

“If your children are sick, you sent more than N60K. But when it comes to food, you told me say dem tell you say money wey you dey send for food too much.”

Recall that in the original viral video where Patience called out her ex-husband, she said that whenever she reaches out to her husband for help, he tells her things that make her feel bad about herself, then he ends up sending her two thousand Naira only, or in some cases five thousand naira.

Netizens react with mixed opinions

Netizens have been quick to react to the leaked voice note. While some sympathized with Patience Egbor’s frustrations, others believed that there may be more to the situation than what is presented in the voice note.

@Nappyblaze reacted:

“A wise man once said “Never believe a one-sided story”. I wish the man can come and say his own version of what happened. The world easily pity women.”

@RealityTvPatron said:

“This doesn’t negate her story though, she’s still complaining about money for FOOD here. FOOD, not school bills and medical bills.”

@Biodun_OG said:

“So she came to play victim online.”

@PrimeQuote_ reacted:

“She got what she wanted which is Nigerians sympathy with her crocodile tears. But make them collect that house first.”

@Hybrid_Ola reacted:

“Did he abandon her with the kids. Yes or No? These are normal back and forth that happens. He’s a wicked man.”

@OloriOfOloris said:

“I doubt you people listened to this vn cos it absolutely proves nothing. So far it’s a woman you must just find a reason to make her seem like a liar. Absolutely nothing in these vns disputes what she said in the main video. She ommited he sent 50k for two kids resumption means she’s a liar? But was he or was he not sending 2k and 5k for their feeding? You can literally hear her saying he says she should feed the kids with Eba. You people should Getout abeg.”

@tobyasky commented;

“But I don’t get it. I still cannot stand that man. Where is he at the moment? Why is he not with his family? Did he take money from her to JAPA or not? Even if it’s 60k he’s sending, what is the purchasing power in this economy? Why are they talking about her course mates or their time in school? Didn’t he know before he married her?”

See the post below:

Beauty queen goes broke after bad marriage

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that Patience Egbor, the CEO of a modelling brand, Face of Beauty Nigeria, has shared her heartwrenching life ordeal.

The young mother of two who used to control millions of naira has sadly become broke after a bad marriage. In a video, she tearfully cried out on social media, begging for alms after she was given quit notice to leave her rented apartment with her two children.

Patience, who got married to her husband in 2018, recounted how financially stable she was, even taking care of her entire household before her ‘world crumbed’. She claimed that she created her beauty brand in 2017, the first online pageant brand which was raking in millions since its inception.


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