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Lady who is a nurse goes back to university, studies and becomes a lawyer



Lady who is a nurse goes back to university, studies and becomes a lawyer
  • Ghanaian nurse Leah Afoakwa Esq, part of the 2023 Bar cohort, shared her motivation to save and defend lives in an interview
  • She expressed her intent to manage the demands of both nursing and law through strategic planning and aims to impart her legal knowledge to healthcare colleagues
  • Her unique position as a healthcare professional and a lawyer offers the opportunity to make a positive impact within both fields

Leah Afoakwa Esq, a dedicated Ghanaian nurse, has achieved a remarkable milestone by being called to the bar as part of the 2023 cohort.

In an interview, she shared her profound motivation, which centres around not only saving lives but also defending them in the realm of law.

Herladyship Awo Dearest the lawyer nurseGhanaian nurse and lawyer Leah Afoakwa Esq
Photo credit: Herladyship Awo DearestSource: UGC

When questioned about her plan to juggle the demands of both nursing and law, Leah confidently stated.

I will strategize in order to meet the demands of both professions. I intend to impart the knowledge I have acquired unto my colleagues in the healthcare profession and to also enlighten them on the increasing rate of medical negligence suits.”

Her dedication to both fields is truly inspiring, as she envisions a harmonious balance between her roles.

Leah’s unique position as a healthcare professional and a lawyer presents a valuable opportunity to raise awareness about the legal implications within the medical sector, particularly concerning medical negligence.

Her commitment to making a difference in the lives of her patients and the broader healthcare community and legal space reflects her determination to create a positive impact through her dual expertise.

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