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Lady Surprises Boyfriend With Gift on His Birthday, Colourful Box Comes With Shiny Wristwatch



Lady Surprises Boyfriend With Gift on His Birthday, Colourful Box Comes With Shiny Wristwatch
  • A TikTok video of a woman who gave her boyfriend an amazing birthday gift has gone viral on social media
  • The unsuspecting man was in a public place when he was greeted by some delivery people who handed him the gift with a smile
  • The man opened the gift and discovered many valuable items, including a stunning wristwatch

A heartwarming video of a woman who treated her boyfriend to a spectacular birthday gift has become a sensation on social media.

The man was in a public place when he was met by some cheerful delivery people who presented him with a large gift wrapped in colourful paper.

Photo of Nigerian manMan was surprised and grateful by the gift. Photo credit: TikTok/@alphasurprisefactorySource: TikTok

The man eagerly tore open the gift and was astonished to find many precious items, including a gorgeous wristwatch that sparkled in the light.

The video showed his emotional reaction.

The video was posted on TikTok and received thousands of views and comments from people who admired the couple’s love.

Watch the video below:

Legit compiled some of the reactions below:

Saviour reacted:

“It is only good husband and boyfriend that will receive surprises.”

Ajike_ Ade said:

“He said for who!! He looks very happy.”

EricJohnikenna wrote:

“Hes! Bro now yoU are owning o.these females be expecting same on their day.better set your reminder & grind ur hustle not to be broke then.”

Monique commented:

“I love those eyes.”


“My guy asked for who,?88 this kin thing never happened for him life.”


“See my gee Don enter internet. How much and your base.”


“I bought my man 4 pieces of shirt, but he replied me with “wow you have money err you should save and be like me.”

Young lady gifts boyfriend N1.5M in new naira notes on his birthday

Meanwhile, Legit earlier reported that a Nigerian lady caused quite a stir after she gave her boyfriend N1.5 million of the new naira notes as his birthday gift.

The celebrant showcased his cash gift on TikTok, saying she is the first girl in Nigeria to do such.

In the clip, he is seen hugging and kissing his girlfriend as he showed off a large board that spelt out the sum she gave him.


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