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Lady Shares Disturbing Voice Note She Got from School Junior Whom She Bullied, People Fear for Her



Lady Shares Disturbing Voice Note She Got from School Junior Whom She Bullied, People Fear for Her
  • Social media users have dragged a young lady over the worrying voice note she received from her junior colleague from secondary school
  • Apparently, her junior colleague had not gotten over the bullying she suffered at the hands of the lady and her ‘gang’
  • In the released voice note, she used cuss words on her senior colleague and threatened to get even with her

A Nigerian lady named Precious has shared the disturbing voice note her secondary school junior colleague sent her.

Showing no remorse, Precious captioned her TikTok post ‘POV: You were a wicked senior in sec school’ and went on to tag her partners in crime.

Precious, secondary school, voice note, bullyPrecious’ junior colleague back in secondary school sent her a disturbing voice note.
Photo Credit: @m_ike05Source: TikTok

Her junior colleague threatened to deal with her

In the voice note, the hurt junior colleague expressed anger at Precious for what she and her pals did to her back in secondary school. In her words:

“Precious or whatever they call you… So after everything you did to me you think you’d go scot-free?

“You and your useless geng, to tell you how stupid you were… Now that I have gotten your number I will insult you and you cannot beat me.

“You cannot beat me, I am out of school. You are very useless. You are more than useless. You are wicked.”

She vowed not to let it slide.

“…Now I have gotten your number, I will show you pepper.”

Many people took sides with Precious’ junior colleague and criticised her.

Watch the video below:

People tackle Precious

Adannaya said:

“I’m crying, I love her confidence ✋haew.”

md said:

“I swrr. It’s easy for them to forget not the ppl that were hurt.”

sandy_XOXO said:

“Abeg take am serious ooo,she go show you pepper ooo.”

Blessing sule oyiza said:

“Funny enough I can relate to this postbut unfortunately me Nd those my junior students are now friends and they’re now my biggest customers.”

Illusions said:

“Lol u people think its joke till u recieve swear nd ure finding where ur problem is coming from im future.”

Simply_ene said:

“What is funny about this precious? You bullied someone that she had to go look for your number to insult you and you think it’s funny? SMH.”

Man confronts school bully after 30 years

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a man had confronted his school bully at a barbershop.

The man entered a barbing salon and recognised the customer whose hair was being cut as his secondary school bully.

Clearly, with the past still on his mind, the man removed his hoodie as he refreshed the memory of his bully. Eventually, his bully recognised him and stood up to challenge him.

Quite disappointedly, he was no match for the taller bully. The man went on his knees as he tried to calm the already furious bully.


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