Lady saw her mom’s 1948 wedding picture which was missing for decades, She discover why it went missing

It was a normal day. Jane Foster was walking down a main street in her hometown of Colorado when she suddenly saw something that made her stop.

Hanging in an antique shop was a picture of her mother’s wedding from 1948 – a picture that disappeared more than a decade ago.

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But that was not the shocking discovery Jane found out that day.

When Jane saw the familiar picture in the shop window, she could not believe her eyes.

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She blinked, rubbed her eyes, and wondered if this could really be the picture of her mother. But it was.

This was a picture from her mother’s wedding day in 1948.

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More than a decade later, the picture was sold at auction after Jane’s family forgot to pay for a storage unit in which the picture was.

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And from there, the picture disappeared along with the rest of the family belongings and no one knew what happened to them.

After Jane recognized the beloved picture she immediately walked into the store.

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Jane held the picture, looked at the store, and then discovered something even more amazing.

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Her mother’s wedding dress was also there, wrapped in newsprint whose date was 22.6.1948.

“To say I was in shock, would be an understatement. I just screamed out loud”, Jane Foster said.

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Jane asked the store owner how much he wanted for the dress, which she so wanted to bring home to the family.

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The answer was far more generous than she could ever have imagined.

The store owner said he would charge her one penny. He was just happy and delighted that the dress had found its way back to its original owners.

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The two missing items have finally found their way home.

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Jane was very happy that she was able to bring back some of her mother’s memories, but had a hard time absorbing this amazing coincidence.

“Why would I be on this street and happen to pass by the store and see it? It’s just amazing to me”, she said.

Watch below for the amazing story:

Everything happens for a reason. Share this amazing story if you too think Jane was meant to reunite with her mom’s old items.

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