Lady meet a homeless man, washed and feed him, now she is pregnant for him

A beautiful lady has caused a stir on social media after she fell in love with a homeless man she took off the streets and gave food. She is pregnant for him.

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Some Reactions

Essy – Genuine unconditional love πŸ’•πŸ’ž

Ann mburu – True Love is the most powerful
Blessings to you both

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Fraciah – It is not easy I salute you girl, may your marriage be blessed

Shiru – He’s a son and brother to someone, congratulations to this beautiful lady.may God take you fur and bless your marriage

Ann – Very touching.God bless them abudantly

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Vickie – Loving someone the way he is UNCONDITIONALLY then helping him change and become the best. Never hate someone due to lack or looks,our miracles and future is on God’s hands !

Damaris – She is a strong woman and a Hero,may the Lord God bless that union.

Lydia – My prayer is that man to never forget and to never see another girl more important than this lady

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Wambui – Thank Wambui we need a woman like you in the society, I know that guy is proud of you congratulations

Chairman – Am impressed to see that lady transforming the life that fellow man….. May blessings never go out of her way.

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