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Lady cries out as her fiance gets angry after being given fresh engagement list



Lady cries out as her fiance gets angry after being given fresh engagement list
  • A Nigerian lady is in a dilemma as her fiance got angry after he was handed an additional engagement list by her family
  • According to her, their wedding is supposed to be in December 2023 but that date is shaky due to the new development
  • While lamenting that she is not financially buoyant to support her, the lady he has been giving a serious attitude

A Nigerian lady has sought help online as her marriage scheduled for December 2023 is now shaky.

Facebook user, Tolulope Ajayi, shared the lady’s story on the social media platform, urging people to advise her kindly.

Nigerian lady, new engagement listImage of a lady and an engagement list for illustration purposes and are not related to the story.
Photo Credit: Jasmin Merdan, SteemitSource: Getty Images

Her fiance is not happy with her

According to the woman, trouble started after her people summoned him and gave him an additional engagement list.

She said he had collected a list in May which he was almost done settling only to be given fresh responsibilities.

She lamented that her fiance is really angry over the development and suggested they move the wedding to 2024.

The woman lamented staying for long and her inability to support her man financially. She added that she had spoken to her uncles but they didn’t want to give her a listening ear. The full text of her message read:

“CoachTee, help me. My wedding is in December and my fiancee and I are having a major issue. My people summoned him to come for a meeting on Sunday and shockingly they gave him an additional engagement list.

“He had collected a list in May this year, which he has even almost finished buying everything. Now they just added more. This time they wrote 5bags of rice, three Jerry can of vegetable oil plus more wrappers.

“My man is very angry and since Sunday he has been giving me serious attitude. He said maybe we should postpone it till next year. Coach, this must not happen. I have stayed long enough. I don’t have money I would have supported him.

“Please what can I do. I have spoken to my uncles yesterday but they are not giving me listening ears. I am thinking of borrowing some money from all this loan app. The first list is very much even an okada was part of it but they later substituted it. What can I do?”

Social media users react to the engagement list addition

Gbadegesin Oluwatoowoju Olugbogi said:

“You never tey.

“When you don tey well well, you go know how to do nsogbu nsogbu for your uncles dem.

“What in the name of nansense is the additional list? Hungry people.

“You better stamp your feet on the ground for them to do your biddings or you promise them to ditch all the list and go for legal marriage.”

Oluchukwu Gloria said:

“Don’t borrow.

“Dialogue with them.

“They just want to exploit the man.

“You can also reduce the things you want to buy for wedding.”

Blessing Omomhenle said:

“Talk to your people to be considerate and if they refuse, tell them you’re not marrying again.


“Wait until you have money before going into marriage. If this your guy end up buying all the extras in anger, he will show you pepper!

“In all don’t be desperate!”

Abigael Oyewumi Ameh said:

“If she over insist ehn, they will say she wants to dash herself out to her husband.

“Traditional wedding list isonu.

“Sips zobo.”

Bethel Emmanuel said:

“So, they want to use you as their Christmas intervention plan. If you have any regard in that family, stamp your foot against that addition and also pray.”

Udo Nwankwo said:

“Do a registry wedding and go home with your husband!

“When your people are ready, they will collect what you can afford.”

Lady shows Imo bride price list

In a related report, a lady displayed a bride price list used in Imo state.

Ijeoma, on Facebook, took delight in the fact that the list makes men gnash their teeth and leaves them in anguish.

A look at the marriage list showed it was used for a bride who hailed from Umunwokoji Egbu, Owerri North on September 23, 2013.

The marriage list which was divided into three parts requested numerous edibles from the husband-to-be including eight cartons of Star beer, one bottle of Seaman Schnapps and eight kolanuts.

Yoruba marriage list surfaces

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG previously reported that a man shared a copy of a Yoruba marriage list.

The marriage list, which has been tagged cheap by some netizens, was divided into two parts. The first part contained things and persons the groom was expected to settle.

The bride price (Owo Ori) was put at N5k, while the bride’s mother (Iya Omo) and bride’s father (Baba Omo) were to be given N3k each.

The second part contained items like 50 yams, a leather box, an umbrella, Holy Bible, amongst others.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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