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Lady Comes Down From Okada, Quickly Jumps Inside Land Cruiser, Big Man Pays Her Fare



Lady Comes Down From Okada, Quickly Jumps Inside Land Cruiser, Big Man Pays Her Fare
  • A video of a woman jumping from a boda boda to a land cruiser set tongues wagging on social media
  • Netizens noted that it was the true definition of ‘tafuta pesa’ as the owner of the swanky car ‘sorted’ the boda boda guy
  • Kenyan men reacting to the clip vowed to work hard and get money to have a level playground in matters of love

A woman alighting a boda boda to get into a swanky Toyota Land Cruiser has left netizens in stitches.

The video circulating in the Twitter (X) app saw the woman and the boda boda guy stuck in traffic.

Woman alighting a motorbike to get into a car.Lady alights from motorbike to get into car. Photo: Rogers Kipembe.Source: UGC

Money speaks?

A Toyota Land Cruiser was also caught up in traffic, and soon, the lady and the motorist began conversing.

Convincingly, the motorist gave the rider cash for his troubles, and the woman alighted the boda boda.

She then got into the land cruiser, leaving netizens with a field day on social media.

Some Kenyans in the video’s comment section noted that they would strive to get money. The clip was shared by @RodgersKipembe.

Netizens react

Here is what they had to say:


“Someone saying that’s what Chelsea did to Liverpool on Caicedo.”


“That’s not fair to fare.”


“Release Clause triggered, and personal terms agreed. Here we Go.”


“Machoos tu. It has never been fair. Poverty is the enemy they once said.”


“Successful transfer window! Tafuta pesa.”


“Dude intercepted a delivery. The transfer was so swift…how did they agree on personal terms that fast?”


“The fastest transfer deal before deadline ever.”


“How big businesses swallow small ones in the game of unfair competition.”


“Confirmed here we go, personal terms agreed, full package fee includes sell on close.. the lady ‘when he called I knew he was the was never in doubt.'”

Boy collected girl’s number in dad’s presence

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a young man was wildly celebrated by his friends in a viral video after he boldly confronted his crush in front of her father and took her phone number.

The video that is circulating on Facebook saw the young boy making gestures of victory after he successfully obtained what could have otherwise been a difficult means to reach the young lady.


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